Hot Weather Safety for Dogs & Cats: A Roundup

With the temperatures rising, and Texas power grid in a precarious situation, please prioritize hot weather safety for dogs and cats as well as yourself. We’ve already had our upstairs air conditioner go out. And what’s uncomfortable for people could become downright dangerous or deadly for pets. I write about hot weather safety for pets each year. This time, I figured a roundup of articles offered the best resource to keep hot dogs chilly, and cool cats safe.

Protect pets from too much sun.

Pets And Sunburn

Yes, dogs and cats can suffer from sunburn. While fur protects most of the body, the thinly furred regions risk injury. Tips of the ears, bridge of the nose, and the tummy (for dogs who sunbathe on their back) tend to suffer the most injury. Pets like Sphynx cats and the Xolo dogs or other “hairless” breeds post the highest risk. Learn more about pets and sunburn, and what you can do to protect your pets from sunburn here.

Panting cools dogs–a panting cat signals dangerous overheating!

Pets And Heatstroke

When your dog or cat can’t cool off, heatstroke results. A pets’ normal body temperature ranges between 99-102.5 degrees F. Dogs cool off through panting, while cats groom themselves so the saliva evaporates off the fur to cool them. But when the outside temperature equals or exceeds the pet body temperature, these functions don’t work and your dog and cat quickly overheat. Learn more about pets and heatstroke, and how to protect your cats and dogs–and save lives with pet first aid–in this post about heatstroke.

Dog paw

Paws are not as tough as you’d think.

Pad Burns, Water Intoxication, and More!

If the pavement burns YOUR bare feet, imagine what it feels like to your dog or cat paws. Even bare packed dirt, or the sand on the beach, can be dangerous during high temperatures.

Of course, we want to keep water always available to our pets during hot weather. Cats tend to not drink enough water. But dogs may drink too much water, especially after excercise in hot weather. Learn more about these hot weather dangers in this blog post.

Also learn the signs of dehydration here, so you can get your pet help. And for fun, here’s a post on the mechanics of how pets drink.

Safe Hot Weather Games

So how do you keep your play-happy dogs and cats from over-doing in the heat? Refer to these options for safe hot weather games, both inside the house and outside.

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