How To Give Pets As Gifts

The professionals used to say that the holidays were a TERRIBLE time to get a new pet–that impulse adoptions could leave the cat or dog without a home after the cute-holiday-thrills wore off. More recently, though, the ASPCA conducted some … Continue reading

5 Hardcover Pet Books: Black Friday Paw-tograph Special!

BLACK FRIDAY best-super-lowest discount is GONE! But you can continue to get PAW-tographed copies direct from moi, the author. *s* HARDCOVER PET BOOKS SPECIAL Nothing says QUALITY GIFT like a paw-tographed hardcover book–signed to the pet-parent or the pet(s)–and treasured … Continue reading

Thanksgiving the Pet Writer Way: Giving Furry Thanks

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and I’m updating my annual blog. It’s time again to count my furry blessings. This year I’m thankful to be home with my family—furry and human—rather than on the bumpy road and bumpier plane. I’m thankful my … Continue reading

Halloween Pets Safety: Protect Pets from Halloween Goblins

The nights leading up to Halloween—and October 31st itself—bring visitations from a wide assortment of ghosts, goblins, and gremlins. Halloween at its best is a night of mystery, fun, and thrills for human children and many adults. But it can … Continue reading