Fight Or Flight Pet-Centric Thriller On Sale for 99-cents!

I’m delighted to offer thriller lovers an opportunity to get FIGHT OR FLIGHT on sale–regularly $3.99, and now 99-cents until September 19 (so don’t wait!). A dog trainer with special abilities. A dead body with hidden secrets. Solving the case … Continue reading

Check the Chip: All About Pet Microchips

It’s Check Your Pet Microchip Day on Saturday, August 15! Your cats and dogs are microchipped, right? Last week, when he was (ahem) neutered, Shadow-Pup got his microchip. Both Bravo-Dawg and Karma-Kat already have microchips so that if the worst … Continue reading

Bravo-Dawg’s Cancer Treatment: Chest Xrays Clear & 3rd Chemo Done!

So this time the video update has ME (and the furries, too) to share how fantastic Bravo-Dawg feels after his cancer treatment. He’s nine weeks post-amputation for bone cancer, with three chemotherapy treatments under his fur. No fur loss, no … Continue reading