Bra Klepto Cat!

KarmaShoesKarma has a new toy. I’ve already told you about his shoe fetish. But now he’s discovered my bras and become a bra thief. Is there such a thing as an underwear fetish in cats?

CatBraHe waits until I’m in the shower, having set out clean clothes, and then performs a grab-and-dash, carrying the prize away with high held head. I should be glad, I suppose, that he’s not stashed it under the bed out of reach. Yet. And also that he only targets brassieres that aren’t being worn. Ahem. Tiny tooth punctures in the delicate fabric, and tug-games with elastic bits, seem to be the allure.

KarmaBraI shouldn’t be surprised. Magic targets my husband’s socks and carries them around like a child with a blanket. Lots of dogs target undies. And Seren loves to lounge in fresh-from-the-dryer laundry and will un-fold clothes given half the chance to sneak into the wardrobe.

Karma has just taken it to the next level. I hate to think what’s next. It can’t be on the same level as my friend Jenny Hansen’s Undie Chronicles (for some insanely funny reading you should check that out!).

Do your pets target your unmentionables? Do tell!


Thanks again to all my Sweet Peeps and Sweet Tweets for the support and encouragement to take some “Amy Time” away from blogging. This the first of what I plan to make a weekly update/post and from time to time will include what I used to call “Monday Mentions” roundup.

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Shakespeare SHAKESPEARE IN THE GROVE I’m having a ball rehearsing (pix here!) for the first annual Shakespeare In The Grove production in Sherman, Texas. This first show is a favorite for adults and kids alike–A Midsummer’s Night Dream. And get this…my character, as an Amazon Queen, Hippolyta, I get to wear BLING! Hope to see y’all there, we open next Friday and it’s FREE FREE FREE to the public!

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13 thoughts on “Bra Klepto Cat!

  1. Our half Siamese Shadow would get into our daughter Sandy’s room and pluck her undies up from the floor and strew them all down the hall and living room. I warned her that she might want to put said unmentionables in the dirty laundry hamper but I guess she didn’t believe me. But we had guests over one Saturday and Shadow comes trotting proudly out with a pair of panties and when Sandy tried to take them from him he played keep away. We and our guests thought it was hilarious, Sandy’s has yet to see the humor in it.

  2. The closest thing we ever had to deal with to bra-thieving involved dirty laundry. Simba used to roll in my undies every chance she got.

  3. Termite loves to get in the dryer full of clean clothes. He also has a fetish for bags or purses. I had guests on 2 different days last week and they left their bags open and he pulled sunglasses out of one and cell phone out of the other with his teeth. He wants to take his treasures off. Now Macy sometimes will smell of the dirty clothes in the floor before I put them in the washer and she will start turning all sorts of ways and cheek rubbing them. It’s like it’s got catnip on it or something. Why do cats sometimes smell something and they leave their mouth open?

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the article you wrote on Flehman’s Response. That definitely explained it. I must admit it is cute when they do it!

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