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Amy Shojai… Expert Pet Blogger!

Sharing pet behavior & care advice to empower pet lovers!

I didn’t set out to be Amy Shojai, Expert Pet Blogger.

Nope, I planned to star on Broadway despite my shyness. Or live in a cave with a pet lion and wolf. Even as a kid, I dreamed big.

I always loved animals, though. 

Becoming a Vet Tech (a totally happy accident), I learned to translate “medicalese” to help pet parents understand complicated jargon. 

That’s why I started writing cat and dog articles for print magazines (remember those?). I wrote for Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Dog World, Cats Magazine, and many others. Yes, I’m THAT old. My first article published in 1987 and I’ve never stopped writing (in dog years I should be dead…) Fun times…especially when a New York editor who read my articles offered me my first pet book contracts back in 1992! 

Nothing stays the same..

Over the years, print magazines went away, so I now write for online venues. Articles led to more pet books, 35 titles and counting, researched by interviewing hundreds of vet experts. My first dozen pet books I published with New York traditional houses. I became a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant through I write for many pet-centric companies, including Fear Free Pets, Hill’s Pets, Reader’s Digest, and many others.  

Bling, Bitches & Blood Blog?

I’m known for my BLING, so that has to be part of my brand. BITCHES refers to my pet subjects. The BLOOD part of the brand came later, so read on. Here on my BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD BLOG, I write what I want, when I want, often because YOU asked about the topic.

I also write cat and dog nonfiction books published as Ebooks, paperback, hardcover, and audiobooks. Still wondering about the BLOOD part of the blog? That refers to my THRILLERS WITH BITE! fiction series. The pet-centric stories leverage my background as a pet behavior expert with the main character as a behaviorist partnered with her PTSD service dog. You can learn more about all the books on my author website.

I’m easily bored and love to try new things.

So sometimes you’ll see posts about my stage appearances, or my original musical theatre productions, new book releases, or speaking engagements on BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD BLOG. Occasionally you’ll see a sponsored post highlighting a product or cause I absolutely love. But mostly, you’ll see posts featuring cat and dog behavior, and pet care advice.

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Like you, I’m blessed with an abundance of furry muses who inspire my work. Thank you so much for visiting BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD BLOG, and I pray the cat and dog behavior and care advice helps your special pets!

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