Dog Training & Cat Training: How to Clicker Train Pets

Clicker training pets offers a great way to teach pets to learn, think, and please you. Pets—and people—will repeat behaviors that reward them and naturally avoid behaviors that offer no benefit. Owners don’t have to be master dog trainers to … Continue reading

Dog Problems? Cat Concerns? Here’s How to Find Pet Behavior Help

Finding pet behavior help for your cat, or for dog behavior problems can be a challenge. I’ve provided lots of articles explaining cat behavior (how to stop meowing, for example, or dealing with cat aggression), as well as puppy and … Continue reading

Does My Cat Hate Me? Improve Behavior, Boost Health, and Mend Your Bond with Environmental Enrichment

So the title is somewhat tongue-in-furry-cheek, but at times a cat’s behavior may make us ask DOES MY CAT HATE ME? Of course, the answer is NO. But it’s still important for us to understand why cats might ACT as … Continue reading