Safe Hot Weather Games for Pets: Keep Cats & Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

Yikes! It’s hot-hot-hot here in Texas. We’re not yet in triple digits but likely to get there sooner or later. Shadow-Pup is NOT happy. He misses his ZOOMIES in the back garden, but I’m afraid to let him overdo too much. It’s time for hot weather games for pets and keeping cats and dogs cool in hot weather. Learn more about hot weather safety here.

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Hot Weather Games for Pets

Shadow-Pup appears to be following in Magic’s paw steps, and loves playing fetch. With the temperatures so warm, I’m afraid for them to over-do. Heatstroke is a reality in this weather. Learn the signs and first aid for heatstroke here.

Seren-kitty used to chase the Ping Pong ball in the (empty and dry!) bathtub…that keeps me from having to fish it out from under the furniture. For indoor games, though, we have bubble-chasing games that the dogs and Karma-Kat enjoy.

While dogs may dive into the pool, cats like to turn throw rugs into dry land slip-and-slides. Karma loves to “towel surf” with me dragging a towel or blanket across the floor for him to pounce and ride. These days, Karma’s enjoying tag games with the puppy, too.

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Keeping Cats & Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

What kind of cat toys float your kitty’s boat?  Do your pets enjoy water fountains? Would your hot dog relish a cooling bed, or a wading pool? I offer some more hot weather games and tips in the ASK AMY video, below.

And for a flash from the past, enjoy the Magical-Dawg video (below) of some water fun. I need to get that doggy tub out this year and see if Shadow might indulge.

How do your dogs deal with the weather? Please share your tips for keeping hot dogs cool customers!

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