STARZ MUSICAL AUDITIONS! Come Join Our Theatre Family & Originate Your Role

STARZ MUSICAL AUDITIONS is almost here! My co-writer Frank Steele and I have worked very hard for nearly two years writing this show. Born out of a love for theater and performers, we’re delighted to premier the show April 19, 20, 21 at the Rialto Theater in Denison, Texas.

You can find more details about the audition at the link here, or the Facebook audition event page here. 

Rehearsals run from Monday through Thursday–but, since the show is scene-driven, not all performers must be there every night. Do bring any conflicts to the Starz musical auditions so we can create a schedule that works with a majority of candidates.

Starz musical auditions


Have you ever performed in a play? Or sung in a choir or band? Maybe you love to dance? Our STARZ MUSICAL AUDITIONS has something for everyone, for age 11 to adult and all experience levels. This family friendly show is a great opportunity for parents and kids to perform together! I’ve blogged about the show before at this link, where you can get further information, but here’s the quick rundown.

The overarching themes deal with fighting stereotypes, finding acceptance, and following your heart. The opening song, “MISFIT” has each actor explain why he or she is there:
“Maybe they don’t get it,
And we agree it’s clear.
With them, I am a misfit,
But I’m normal when I’m here…”
The song “FIT THE SUIT” deals with trying to live up to others’ expectations, that one has to look or act a certain way to be cast in a given part (or FIT IN with society). That translates to everyday life, too, don’t you think? Sometimes it takes a great deal of bravery to simply BE YOURSELF, and in the play, the characters each learn not only to embrace their own foibles, but also support each other and celebrate that success comes only when everyone works together toward a common glorious goal. The title song in STARZ musical speaks to that:
“Together we’re better,
Be generous, Friend.
No solo is “solo”
When all of us wins!”


The breakdowns (descriptions) of all the characters along with song samples and the script are available on this facebook group–simply ask to join. By workshopping the show through performance, playwrights learn what is successful, can edit and change what doesn’t work, and make the production more successful–the creative partnership between performers and audience is vital!

In fact, actors and technicians who work on this production have a hand in the final shape of the script, and development of the characters. We so much appreciate these efforts that we plan to “gift” each company member with a final version of the script, which will include the cast/company photo and names as the premier production. How often does that happen in your theatrical opportunities? *s:


We’re premiering the snow in North Texas, and will then offer to license the work to other groups who would like to perform our Starz musical in their community or regional theaters, schools or other venues.

Find out more about SHOJAI & STEELE PLAYS here. On that same page, you’ll find links to the working script already available on amazon, along with the piano/vocal score. We’ll be performing the music with a pre-recorded CD of the full orchestration, and hope to make available a cast recording–once we have a cast!

Will YOU be part of the cast? Join the STARZ family!

Have you ever been part of a premier production? If you’re an artist/performer, how did you come to your passion? Do tell! Join the newsletterto get updates about this show and other productions.

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STARZ MUSICAL AUDITIONS! Come Join Our Theatre Family & Originate Your Role — 19 Comments

  1. How excitin’! If we lived in your neck of the wood, Peep #1 might even audition but, unfortunately, we’re too far away. Peep #1 doesn’t fit in my teleportation device, you see. You know, on account of it bein’ a flyin’ fryin’ pan and stuff. PURRS.

    • Too bad, would love to have you and Peep #1. Another of our shows, STRAYS, THE MUSICAL, has the actor-peeps channeling their inner cat and dog. *s* If you know someone in your area might be interested in licensing a show for you to do closer to home, send ’em over to the blog. *s*

    • Thanks so much! Yep, I started in high school, then majored in music/theater in college, did some stock work . . . and stopped when I married. That’s one reason I started writing, I didn’t have to be gone to rehearsals to get creative. *s* Now, I’m so happy I can combine all my artistic loves.

  2. As an expert introvert, I’ve never been in a production, professional or amateur. However, several years ago I worked with an awesome guy who was trying to make a living as an actor. We met working at Starbucks, and he eventually left Tucson for Chicago opportunities. Your theme of following your artistic passion reminds me of this guy who took the shot and I’m confident he’s still in theatre today.

  3. Oh wow, this is something a little different, but right up my alley! If I stayed there I would audition. I used to sing in musical productions with the Letterkenny Musical Society when I lived in Ireland, and what fun it was. Most of the musicals were classics like The Sound of Music, Showboat and My Fair Lady, my absolute favorites! These days I just sing for my cats! Good luck with the show.

    • Oh wow, wish you lived closer, too! We’d love to have you. I’ve performed in Sound of music and My Fair Lady, and oh, dozens of others. That’s what made me want to try and create my own shows. Feel free to spread the word about STARZ and maybe a theater closer to you will mount the show–and you could, indeed, be part of a future production! (My cat hears me sing all the time, too *s*)

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