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Keiki & Lia Return! Name That Kitten & Name That Puppy in Lei Crime Kindle World Story

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Books, Cat Behavior & Care, Dog Training & Care | 23 comments

Keiki & Lia return in the third novella CALLED TO PROTECT, completing my Lei Crime Kindle World trilogy. I’m joined by nearly a dozen authors with new books in the Lei Crime Kindle World, and we’re throwing a launch party with LOTS of prizes in the Lei Crime Kindle World Ohana Facebook page on February 20. CLICK THE BANNER, BELOW to join the party!

Lei Crime Kindle World

There are SO many prizes to name, but for an example–I’m giving away some copies of *squeee!* COMPLETE PUPPY CARE and also this paw-some jewelry set cuz that’s how we roll over here at Bling, Bitches & Blood.

puppy book

Yep, I’ve been busy!  Wanna see the nifty covers (yes, I said COVERS!) Not only am I releasing the 3rd novella, I’m also releasing a BOX SET of all three Keiki & Lia stories in one book!


Lei Crime Kindle World Keiki & LiaOh, and did I mention, I need your help naming a couple of furry characters? In this final story, Keiki the Rottweiler police dog finally takes her place in Hawaii by her cop partner’s side. But back in Texas, Keiki has a puppy successor who must be just as smart, brave, and dedicated as Keiki to succeed. I need a NAME for this puppy that reflects all that he or she will be in the future.

Also in the story (because READERS DEMANDED IT!) there is a new kitten character who makes a brief appearance. This kitten, though tiny, manages to make the bad guy flinch and back down at just the right moment, and thus saves both Keiki and Lia’s lives. So I need a NAME for a feisty, brave, dog-loving kitten that reflects all that he or she will be in the future.

This is a very fast turn around, because I must upload the final copy of the story by this weekend. For a name to be considered, make your suggestion in the COMMENTS BELOW (name, description, and why you like the name). Maybe you’ll choose a Texas theme, or a Hawaiian name, or or or? ….

On WEDNESDAY I will post a voting poll of my favorite suggestions. And y’all can campaign wherever you like to get the most votes for your favorites.

On FRIDAY, the winning names will be announced. The two folks with winning suggestions will get an advance digital of CALLED TO PROTECT, their names in the acknowledgements, and bragging rights. *s* Remember to check back here frequently — and join the Lei Crime Kindle World Ohana Group for more prizes on launch day Feb. 20.


If you’ve not yet discovered good-dog Keiki, now is your chance! Author Toby Neal created the Lei Crime thriller series set in Hawaii, and featuring Detective Lei Texeira and her Rottweiler police dog Keiki. When Toby granted other authors permission to write in her “world” via Kindle World, using her characters and settings, I thought it would be fun to write a series of prequels explaining how Keiki became a police dog. That’s how my Keiki & Lia Thrillers were born, and I’ve had a ball writing in Rottweiler puppy viewpoint! Now you’ll be able to read all three stories in this single boxed set.


Can the past unlock the future and love preserve a life?

A puppy’s job is to learn. Keiki relishes the sights, sounds and smells of her world, but people frustrate and confuse her. Why do humans control all the good stuff?

Lia Corazon channels her energy and emotions into the dogs she trains in her North Texas kennel. She especially enjoys four-month-old Keiki’s enthusiasm, but the pup’s owner makes her uneasy. There’s something very…wrong about him.

When a vicious storm, violent flood, and scary creatures menace Keiki, her Rottweiler bravery comes through. But what can a good-dog do when a human enemy threatens? Keiki must use all she’s learned if she’s to save Lia from a killer.


Choices and challenges will bind them together … or break them apart.

Ten-month-old Keiki thrives on each test of her growing abilities, but strange new yearnings mystify and distract her. What’s a good-dog to do? She doesn’t want to let the girl down.

Lia Corazon has only three days left to prepare Keiki for the police dog test. There’s more than the dog’s future at stake. Success will save Lia’s dream of rebuilding her North Texas dog kennel. Failure means a lifetime of living her grandparents’ dreams.

When a training exercise takes a deadly turn, Lia sends Keiki to protect a young girl, but who will protect Lia? There’s a killer on the loose and he’ll burn anybody who gets in his way.


A police dog’s job is to protect and serve…no matter what.

Year old Rottweiler Keiki flourishes when she finds her purpose protecting her trainer Lia, but now something’s very wrong—on the inside. How can she do her job and defend family when her body betrays her?

Lia Corazon finds her father, only to lose her grandparents. When they disown her for breaking their rules, she could also lose her North Texas dog kennel if she can’t repay the bank loan. All she has left is Keiki, and newly discovered Hawaiian relatives she doesn’t know–or particularly like.

When a police job goes wrong, Keiki must overcome her instincts to save her human. Through the process, she’ll discover that home isn’t a place—it’s a person.

Now you’ve got a taste–NAME THAT KITTEN and NAME THAT PUPPY! Provide your suggestion in comments below. Ready–set–GO!

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  1. Joye

    kitten=Pepper Bacon ( I give my pets first and last names)
    puppy Johnny Roulette

    • Amy Shojai

      Sweet! Love the name–but the poll is already up with the finalists, so hope you’ll vote on the selections.

  2. cooljudy

    I may be to late. Tiger for the kitten. Gunner for the puppy.

    • Amy Shojai

      Awww…love the suggestions but yes, poll is already up with finalists. Hope you’ll vote!

  3. cokittykat

    Pearl for a girl and Spike for a boy!❤🐕😸

    • Amy Shojai

      I’m sorry, the names for the poll have already been selected. Please vote for one of the names on the poll! (I do love your suggestions, though…)

  4. Susan McGinn

    The kitten is Tybalt (Prince of Cats!) because someone who loves him loves Shakespeare and he is dashing, brave, and expert with a sharp weapon (his claws!), and the puppy is Ranger.

  5. Lisa Behan

    The puppy is Ruger and the kitty is Beretta.

  6. cleasimon

    How about Chloe, for our own Olympic Champion Chloe Kim, for the kitten? And then maybe Ripper – for fierce skater Adam Rippon, her best friend and defender?

  7. Margaret Pecirno

    For the puppy, maybe Diesel. Would love the name Duke of course. He was the best…gentle, playful and protective.

  8. Margaret Pecirno

    For the kitten, how about Tuffy or Trouble. They were both tuxedo cats and best friends with our boxer (nickname Duke).

  9. Susan Moffitt

    Ninja for the puppy — stealthy, fierce, and tenacious
    Lilsifer for the kitten — black (or not), always watching and ready to attack if the need arises! My daughter has a Siamese cat named Lily, but her nickname has become Lilsifer because she’s made herself queen and has no tolerance for silliness!!

  10. Nan

    Kitten name – Shiloh – my Shiloh kitten was a fighter the 4 short years of his life (cancer). He would fight the 50-lb dog until the dog sat on the kitten. Shiloh as pure black with gold eyes. Dog name – Tyler (town in TX) or Chance (my late Belgian Sheepdog who was my hearing dog)

  11. Kristi Brashier

    Dog name: Ranger – as in the infamous Texas Rangers, the oldest law enforcement agency in North America with statewide jurisdiction.

  12. angieleb13

    Puppy name Grappler, tough and strong but cute to a fault, kitty name Puriesence, sweet cuddly but underneath vicious.

  13. Jennifer

    For the kitten Phantom, in the background until she (or he) needs to protect Keike and Lei. For the dog, Ohana which means family or Nani which is beautiful in Hawaiian.

  14. Gail

    Sunshine (Sunny) and Rayne are good names for the puppy and kitten.

  15. Bonnie T.

    So… Corojso (Spanish for brave, spunky) for the kitten, since the Corazon family is Spanish…
    Kekoa for the soon-to-be brave (like his mom and dad) pup!

  16. Debbi Gonzales

    Dog- Koamalu means brave, strength & valiant. Sounds like the pup you described.
    Kitten -Popoki Hawaiian word for cat

  17. Diana Rae Fahrenbruck

    Texas dog could be Ruger , tough name for tough puppy. He protects and loves. For the kitty, I was thinking Beneli, both after tough and protective gun names❤️❤️

  18. Patricia Pooley

    Kitten name: JONESY…..curious, perky, energetic, confident, flippin’ funny and unafraid of anything, most certainly not dogs….(is the name of my once feral kitten who entertains, protects, sleuths out anything amiss and creates “yurts” or tents, or hiding places to spy on everyone in the environment…..does calisthenics every morning by jumping up to grab the pull on my living room curtains….opening and closing them to get everyone else up….what a sidekick….

  19. Toby Neal

    This is awesome! So glad to have you in the Lei Crime Kindle World, Amy! You bring Keiki to life in such a wonderful way.

    • Amy Shojai

      Awww thank you Toby, I’m honored to be part of the family!



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