Name That Dog & Name That Cat Contest WINNERS: Get WIN OR LOSE Preorder

Update: Poll closed and congratulations to a hotly contested vote! The winners Tigger and Lefty will have starring roles in the book. BUT…It was so neck and neck for a while that…stay tuned, I may have to add the runners up Kami and Storm to the story in some way. Thanks to all for sharing about your beautiful animal friends!

I’m excited to share details about my next thriller, WIN OR LOSE, the 6th installment in my September & Shadow series. Read on for more about the forthcoming story, which releases January 2, 2022. You can preorder now on all retail platforms!

Don’t miss your chance to VOTE to choose the hero dog and hero cat to appear in the story! With each thriller, I ask my readers to nominate their pets based on the story requirements. 

win or lose

Hero Cat & Hero Dog in Win Or Lose

Note: Nominations are closed--I sent a call-out to my newsletter list last Sunday. Want in on more good stuff? Be sure to subscribe here!

I needed ONE CAT NAME...and I got 104 cat name nominations!

I needed ONE DOG NAME…I received 150 dog name nominations! 

I’ve narrowed the choices on each poll to 18 cat names and 18 dog names. Not everyone sent in pictures, but here are a few of the finalists! (Browse down to reach the poll to vote!).

Vote as often as you like. The winners get their pet’s name as a hero in the story, acknowledgments in the book, and a paw-to graphed print copy of the thriller. Feel free to campaign for your pick of the litter-atti! Scroll down for the polls to vote.

DOG WINNER! Nothing slows down Lefty, the Great Pyrenees, nominated by Linda.

Rascal, a 22lb tuxedo boy, gets “in your face” to get you to do his bidding, nominated by Sheryl (that’s her daughter holding Rascal).

DOG WINNER RUNNER-UP! Kami, the German Shorthair Pointer helped her injured person Nancy get home, and recover during healing.

Mia, a seizure alert Chinese Crested, was nominated by Britt.
Cat Winner! Tigger, nominated by Crystal. A second “Tigger” (huge black and white tuxedo) was nominated by Rose. STORMAGEDON (not pictured) was the Cat Runner-up in the contest!
Lilly, a Golden Retriever/Chow and Border Collie mix nominated by Clarke.
Grey, a climbing kitty with an ear tip burned from a hot tailpipe, nominated by Martha.
Five-pound Beaner, a “Chiweenie” Dachshund/Chihuahua helps Bobbie Jo with challenges of MS.
Bowser, who loves to snuggle, play tug, and sometimes forgets he’s not suppose to chew stuff, nominated by Deborah.

WHAT’S THE BOOK ABOUT? Here’s a quick look…

A kidnapped girl. A merciless killer. Can this stressed-out dog trainer stop a callous murderer claiming innocent lives?

September Day can’t shake her mounting wedding-planning angst. Too overwhelmed to pick up a dropped-off shelter dog she once trained, she finally leaves the house to check in on a missing vet clinic employee. But when she gets there, she’s terrified to find the girl’s brother hanging on the edge of death and the poor young woman abducted.

Discovering the hound got dumped by the same vicious criminal, September and Shadow race out of town on a dangerous rescue mission. But when a body surfaces and the kidnapper seizes more victims, September fears she may be too late to prevent further bloodshed.

With the clock ticking against them, can September and Shadow deliver justice?

Win or Lose is the riveting sixth book in The September Day thriller series. If you like engaging heroes, fearless animal companions, and non-stop action, then you’ll love Amy Shojai’s page-turning tale.

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