Thanksgiving the Pet Writer Way

Happy  Thanksgiving! It’s time once again to count my furry blessings. I don’t do that often enough.

I’m thankful to be home with my family—furry and human—rather than on the bumpy road and bumpier plane. I’m thankful my human family, though miles away, remain close-knit and loving. And I’m thankful all remain healthy.

I’m thankful for veterinarians who make life better for the pets we adore. I’m thankful for researchers who work to find diagnoses, treatments, and cures for our ailments, both for pets and for people. I’m thankful for the animal welfare volunteers who do the work of the angels when others somehow let pets down.

I’m thankful that I have the best job in the world, sharing information about the cats and dogs that have become so important to our emotional and physical health. I’m thankful for publishers, editors, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio shows, websites, bloggers and email lists that share these important resources to benefit cats and dogs and the people who love them. And I’m thankful to writing organizations, teachers, agents and all those who promote the craft of good communication and help others pursue this rewarding craft.

17 days old GSD puppy "Magic"

My, how Magic has changed…here at 17 days old.

I’m thankful for responsible breeders who ensure purebred dogs and pedigreed cats have a healthy paw-start in life. I’m thankful that Magical-dawg at age six has become a bit…just a bit…less driven. I’m thankful for water hoses, and tennis balls, stuffed teddy bears and Frisbees that wear Magic out without exhausting me at the same time. I’m thankful my roughneck dawg recovered from his mystery medical issue this year. I’m thankful Magic is smart, funny, a comedian, and a wonder to train—and doesn’t argue but has accepted that the cat is the boss of him. And I’m thankful that these furry muses inspire me daily with their presence.

I’m thankful that although he never grew up with pets, my husband loves Seren-kitty and Magic-dawg as much as I do. I’m even more thankful they adore him back (that could get awkward!).

I’m thankful for my church family—pet lovers or not—who also support my furry notions. I’m particularly thankful to the Cuchara Gang (you know who you are) who lift me up with friendship and love. I’m thankful for the gift of music I get to share with colleague musicians who have become wonderful friends, and especially thankful for my partner-in-play-writing-crime who helped make our theatrical dreams come true this past year when life threw us some Kurves.

Finally, I’m thankful to you—yes, those who read this blog, the folks who have “adopted” my new thriller, those who offered awesome applause and support me in so many  ways.

Without you, I would not have a career, and my life’s passion would remain unfulfilled.

Without you, your pets wouldn’t have the wonderful love and care you provide.

Without you, there wouldn’t be any reason for this heartfelt—THANK YOU!

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Thanksgiving the Pet Writer Way — 19 Comments

  1. This is a beautiful list of things you’re thankful for. I’m thankful my husband and I made our 12-hour drive safely. I’m also thankful for the kitten we recently found and that our vet could fix him up.

    • Ohhh Marcy, a 12 hour drive–been there, done that for holidays. But it is SOOO worth it! And I’m delighted to learn your new foundling kitten received successful vet care. Scritches to the kitty–I’m sure he’s thankful you found him, too!

  2. We all have so much to be THANKFUL for. Even though I have no biological kids, I do have my 3 furry cat kids that continue to bring me so much joy and happiness. I’m thankful for you Amy because you are always there for us pet lovers who need advice, a question answered, etc. Thank you for sharing your life, travels, books, advice, etc. with us – we are so lucky to have you.

  3. thank you, Amy. I can echo lots of what you’ve said. So thankful for healthy kitties and our healthy dog; thankful for my own health, and thankful for an interesting life!

  4. And I, Amy, am thankful for YOU. Thanks for being your magnificent self, for being part of my world, and for sharing your many, many gifts so selflessly, as you always do.

  5. What wonderful notes to read this day-after-Thanksgiving! I’m so glad to have gotten to know all of you–some more recently and others for many years (~~Wendy!). Have a wonderful day!

    • I’m also thankful for you, Amy, for sharing your incredible knowledge with my readers, and your friendship with me. I’m thankful for all our fellow CWA members, for my own readers and friends. And I’m so heartfelt thankful for all the unforgettable cats and dogs who have shared my home and my heart with their unconditional love. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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