Ringworm: The Naked Truth & What to Do

Many years ago, I had my first run-in with ringworm when my German shepherd (age 12 at the time) developed ball patches. A dozen years later, my second personal experience happened when I adopted a stray kitten I named Seren. … Continue reading

Cat IBD: Dealing With Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Lately, I hear more and more about people suffering from bowel disease conditions. Television advertisements tout the latest OTC treatments and Rx advancements, and I cringe and thank heavens I’ve dodged that bullet. IBD happens with cats, too. It can … Continue reading

How Cats Hunt: Feline Hunting Behavior Explained

Is your kitty a “mighty hunter?” How does your cat hunt and what kind of big game does s/he capture? I’ve written about gift-bearing cats before to explain the whole idea behind why Sheba leaves mousy offerings just for you, … Continue reading

Shojai’s Cat Facts Wins Muse & Cornell Awards

CAT FACTS WINS AWARDS: MUSE MEDALLION & CORNELL AWARDS This past weekend at the Cat Writers Association Awards Banquet, my book CAT FACTS won two prestigious awards. WOW! The CWA Muse Medallion was presented to CAT FACTS for the best … Continue reading

Enter Goodreads Contest: Win Dog Facts & Cat Facts in Time for Mother’s Day

I’m celebrating the release (and great reviews!) of my two latest books with GIVE AWAYS! Hey, you can enter for yourself, for your dog or cat, or tell others about the chance to win a PAW-tographed print copy of these … Continue reading