Auditions for STRAYS the Musical January 12 & 13, 2020

Those who regularly read this blog know that I not only write about pets but also give talks about pet behavior. You may be surprised to learn that sometimes I write music about pet behavior, too and even SING about cats and dogs. Bravo-Dawg howls and Karma-Kat yawns…everyone’s a critic! Now you have a chance to sing along!

AUDITIONS FOR STRAYS: Sing A Song & Read From Script

I’m proud to partner with my playwriting partner, local actor/writer/musician Frank Steele to co-direct our original musical STRAYS, THE MUSICAL. This Sunday, January 12 from 4:30-6:30 and Monday, January 13 from 6:30-8:30 come to open auditions at HOPE ON HOUSTON (901 E Houston, Sherman, Texas).

STRAYS, THE MUSICAL explores furry foibles from the PETS’ point of view. The actors give voice to a variety of cat and dog characters in this hilarious–and often moving–musical review “drama-dy” that seeks to edu-tain audiences about normal pet behavior while honoring the bond we share with them.

I’ve written lots of pet-centric schtuff, and Frank and I have written other scripts and performed on stage a great deal. But STRAYS combines all our loves—writing, music, acting and pets. Now we want to share STRAYS with area actors and audiences. Love theater? Love pets? You’ll love STRAYS! The audition consists of reading from the script and singing a song of your choice. A piano accompanist and Bluetooth audio speaker (for YouTube tracks) will be available.


Eleven original songs from blues and gospel to Celtic and calypso showcase 20+ individual pet stories as they search for a forever-home. Meet wide-eyed hopeful PUPPY, feisty scrappy KITTEN, opinionated QUEEN CAT, laugh out loud at the comical HOUND DOG, and loveable clueless BLUESY DOG. Enjoy show dog SWAGGER explain his winning streak and hear LUCKY CAT’s story of survival. Hear GOSPEL CAT testify how pets inspire and delight their chosen humans. Root for all the strays, including the haunted lonely PARIAH CAT, to be finally accepted and find love on adoption day.

We’re looking for 12 featured performers plus chorus and production folks to bring STRAYS to life. We anticipate most actors will play multiple roles. A few humans appear in the show, but most performers portray cats or dogs—but without any special makeup or costumes. That’s right! You get to create your own character using your skill as a performer—are you a Great Dane? Chihuahua or Siamese? Mutt or tabby? Come show your skills!

Most parts can be cast as any age, either male or female, but age 14 to adult preferred. STRAYS includes solos, ensembles, rap, featured dancers, non-singing actors, and fun company numbers.


STRAYS premiered six years ago at the Honey McGee Playhouse to sold-out audiences. The new production is at the Rialto Theater in Denison, Texas February 27-29, 2020. Rehearsals at Hope On Houston are Monday-Thursday from 6:30-8:30 (some Sundays, pending actor availability).

You can see a video trailer from the original cast performance below, and listen to the cast recording AT THIS LINK. Now is your chance—come to the STRAYS audition, channel your inner cat or dog, and honor a pet you love!

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  1. Amy, so much fun to see highlights from the first STRAYS – what a wonderful, special production that was! Genuine sadness that we can’t audition this time around. I’m in the trenches of my AC Jan Term (3 hours of class time and a new assignment every day) and Susan and Sarah are knee-deep in the college applications process. Ah well! At least it will be a delight for us to experience STRAYS from the audience perspective this time around. Best of luck to you, Frank, and everyone involved!

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