Doggy Stink Bomb? Dealing with Canine Flatulence



Also referred to as passing gas, this stinky dog condition is both offensive and embarrassing to a dog owner. Gas is produced naturally in the intestines during digestion, and some dogs produce more than others. Usually, the obnoxious condition isn’t dangerous, but flatulence can be the sign of a health problem.

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What and how the dog eats influences how much gas will be produced, and ultimately passed. Inappropriate food supplements, snacking from the garbage, or any sudden change in diet can make the problem worse. Diets that include highly fermentable substances, large quantities of milk, or simply gulping air when eating or drinking are common causes.

Gorging allows food to stay in the stomach for extended periods, and tends to make dogs more prone to gas. Feed your dogs separately to cut down on competition. Slow the gulper by placing a large non-swallowable ball in the bowl so she must eat around it. Invest in a foraging feeder, bowls designed to make dogs work to reach the food.


Try offering the dog a more digestible diet. Check the ingredient list on the package and ask your veterinarian to recommend an appropriate choice. Change diets gradually over a week’s period, by initially mixing two-thirds of the old diet with one-third new. Progress to half and half, then one-third to two-thirds, and finally the new diet entirely.

The flower essence crab apple can help bring the body back into balance. Add two or three drops onto your pet’s tongue or in his drinking water each day. Adding digestive enzymes to your dog’s food may also help. As your holistic veterinarian for a recommendation.

Another helpful option is garnishing the dog’s regular diet with a tablespoonful of plain yogurt, which contains beneficial bacteria that helps digestion and reduces flatulence. Many dogs love the flavor. As a last resort, your veterinarian may prescribe a human medication that contains simethicone and activated charcoal to control the gas. There is also an anti-gas veterinary product called CurTail that contains an enzyme that aids food digestion and reduces flatulence. Amazon also has a number of potential remedies for dog flatulence.

Do you suffer from doggy stink bombs? How do you manage gassy pets? Any successful tips you can share? Fire away! (pun intended…)

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Doggy Stink Bomb? Dealing with Canine Flatulence — 2 Comments

  1. Heh. True story:

    Aunt Audrey was out with a new girlfriend, and Jenny, her Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are infamous for their ability to smell things up. So Jenny lets fly, and Aunt Audrey apologizes to her friend, explains that “it’s the dog.”

    Her friend, who has never seen (or smelled) Jenny before tells Aunt Audrey off for blaming the poor, inoffensive puppy dog (who is sitting between her feet enjoying the car heater. Jenny was fairly elderly by that time.

    Aunt Audrey stops the car about fifteen minutes later so she can drop off some paperwork for an order she was placing (she owned a pharmacy at the time). When she comes back out, all the windows on the car are open, and her girlfriend is practically hanging out the passenger side window gasping for air, even though it is well below freezing with a nasty wind chill.

    Aunt Audrey plays innocent, “Martha, what happened?”

    “Audrey, as I live and breath I never thought such a small little dog could produce such a big stench. What do you feed her, baked beans?”

    Aunt Audrey neatly killed herself laughing.

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