STARZ, the Musical! Review & Trailer Samples

STARZ, the Musical

We’ve been shouting to the world how thrilled we are with the premier our show STARZ musical. Even reviewers loved the Starz show — see what Mark Beardsley had to say in the Herald Democrat here.

This is the 4th musical theatre production by Shojai & Steele Plays (that’s me, Amy Shojai and my writing partner Frank Steele). The scripts have been released with photos and citations of our amazing original cast, too. But since we only ran for three nights, I know many folks weren’t able to see the show. So, here are some samples of the songs/scenes from the 2-hour show, enjoy! And…if interested in licensing the production, feel free to contact 


STARZ, the Musical! Review & Trailer Samples — 23 Comments

  1. Oh wow, I am leaving this running so I can enjoy it and not rush off (that would be too easy to do!) Well done on an amazing achievement and I can almost feel the excitement!!! WooHoo this is fun, I can hear the laughter!!!

  2. I knew you were an author but I had no idea you also put on plays. You really are so talented and thanks for including a snippet, I enjoyed it!

  3. Congratulations on the new play! The video is great. You have a very talented cast. 🙂 As someone who loves to act, I have to say that I can relate to this.

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