Spoil Your Dog Day: 8 Ways to Spoil Your Dog with Love on National Dog Day

Spoiler Alert! It’s National Spoil Your Dog Day! So how do you spoil your canine companion? Or do you pamper your pet too much?

Our dogs give us unconditional love, and never care that we have a bad hair day, forget to change our socks or brush our teeth—actually, they might like that! They greet us at the door like heroes bearing treasures, and always offer a happy wag and eager smooch. Whether dogs snuggle to share our joy or pester us out of a blue mood with a game of fetch, they love us 24/7/365.

spoil dog

One of the last special days with Magical-Dawg. We spoiled him every day, of course!

That’s one of the many reasons dog lovers consider them part of the family. It’s only natural for us to return the affection by spoiling dogs. Dog lovers don’t need a Spoil Your Dog holiday, either–we love them every day of the year. Here are some ways to return the furry favor for your dog.

spoiling dog

Bravo is very easy to spoil…but aren’t they all?

How To Spoil Your Dog

Offer Puzzles. Spoiling dogs means “treating” our dogs in special ways, but we don’t want to “love them to death” by making them fat with too many calories. It doesn’t take much to treat dogs, especially when you offer pungent tidbits inside a puzzle dispenser. That encourages dogs to use their brains, too—yet another loving bonus.

Keep Teeth Clean. Most dogs get bored with the same old food and relish a tidbit that makes them feel special. Some treats also keep those fangs clean and bright, too. Nothing says “love” more than keeping dogs healthy, because it means more years together.

Boost Health With Supplements. Healthy dogs might not need extra help, but when your veterinarian suggests more is needed supplements may be just the ticket. A variety is available that do everything from aid with digestion to ease creaky arthritic joints in senior dogs. And if your table food is healthy, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a treat from your plate (Bravo made me write that!).

Give A Gift. Some dogs can’t get enough of toys, while others prefer treats or a game at the dog park. You know your dogs best so indulge them with a new chew toy, stuffed animal, or a day at the park. During these hot days of summer, try filling a kiddy wading pool for water-loving pups to splash and cool off.

spoil your dogSchedule Love Time. In our busy lives, we often put off “extras” until later or offer less valuable substitutes like tossing a treat when a dog asks for attention. While dogs love treats and toys, you can offer no greater love than sharing time with them. Every dog is different so figure out what delights the tail wiggles in your canine friend and put it on your daily schedule.

Offer A Doggy Condo. A variety of kennels and crates come in various sizes and styles to fit your dog’s needs as well as your decorating ideas. You can situate the crate in a back room, or in the middle of the action in the living area. A decorative throw rug placed over the top of wire crates turns them into stylish furniture accents while giving the dog some privacy. To make it extra special, why not add a special bowl inside the crate where you can leave treat “surprises” now and then to make the space even more welcoming.

Create A Napping Zone. Special beds sized to snuggle puppies or soothe arthritic old dog bones are available. These work extremely well to offer a welcoming space especially on less than appealing hard floors. For the little dogs, you can set a dog bed on the end of a sofa or your own bed to get them out from underfoot and protect the upholstery or bedding. Adding a bed underneath a table works well, too, and creates a cave-like retreat that many dogs relish. Of course, our Bravo-Dawg shares our pillow at night in the king-size bed.

Open (Or Close) A Door. Another great way to create a special place for your dog is to employ a “pet door” that opens into an enclosed porch, or even into an interior room designed with their needs in mind. Pet doors can be installed in existing solid or sliding glass doors so the dogs can come and go as they wish. Another option is to use a “pet gate” that installs in an open doorway or hall. That way an owner can control access to areas as requirements change. For instance, a pet gate can provide a barrier to a staircase so your dog’s sanctuary remains the downstairs area at bedtime.

What float’s your dog’s boat? How do you spoil your fur-kid? Please share!

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