Radio Daze: A Family Friendly Original Musical Comedy

Radio Daze MusicalI am excited to announce the premiere performance of a brand-new original musical comedy. RADIO DAZE is a family friendly show sure to tickle those who love the Big Band era. Brought to you by SHOJAI & STEELE PLAYS, Frank Steele and I are thrilled to showcase our talented cast of popular local performers.

RADIO DAZE shows THREE NIGHTS ONLY at the Historic Rialto Theater in downtown Denison, Texas on February 7, 8, 9, 2019. The doors open at 7 pm, the curtain is at 7:30. General seating tickets are $15/Adults, $10/Students.

VIP tickets are $25, and include front row center reserve-seating and two drink vouchers.

There is a 15% discount for groups of 10 or more. Area theater teachers are encouraged to bring their students. (Yes, the show will soon be available for licensing — perusal copies here.)

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RADIO DAZE is a funny and often touching homage to the late 1940s. The story unfolds in the failing WPDQ radio station. The owner is ready to cut his losses and sell out to the latest fad—television. A motley crew of staff, has-been movie stars, and strangers off the street come together to try and save the station–and fail miserably to hilarious effect.

Radio Daze Cast

L-R: Gil Nelson, Theresa Littlefield, Amy Shojai, Keith Clark, Jenny Daniel, Steven Mildward, Frank Steele, Marty Burkart, Mark Beardsley, Tammie Sims, Ben Fuhr, Sally Hawthorne.

RADIO DAZE is an ensemble show featuring 6 men and 6 women. The family-friendly script is appropriate for any age performer, from high school to professional venues. Characters include station owner BOB HOPE (the one from Schenectady) played by Mark Beardsley: his love-sick assistant WILADINE, played by Tammy Sims; the director IRVING, played by Frank Steele; grumpy news guy BENNY, played by Gil Nelson; and girl Friday, DOTTIE, played by Jenny Daniel.

Bob hires his niece PEARL, played by Theresa Littlefield, to write a radio script. Irving hires sound effects guy ROB, played by Steven Mildward; salesman SNAZZY, played by Ben Fuhur, to sell ads; and has-been talents BARRY, played by Keith Clark, his ex-wife DIZZY, played by Amy Shojai, and the PEPPER SISTERS, played by Sally Hawthorne. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger ROSIE, played by Marty Burkart, hides secrets that could change the station forever.

RADIO DAZE is the perfect early Valentine’s “date night” or family-friendly evening-out event. The two-hour show will leave you laughing, humming catchy tunes, and hugging your loved ones close.



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