Pet Poisons 101: Keep Cats & Dogs Safe from Pet Toxins

March is National Poison Prevention Awareness Month. I’ve written a LOT about pet poisons. Since pets explore their world with open mouths, licking tongues, and patting paws and claws, they can get sick from many kinds of pet toxins. It’s up to humans to keep them safe. Rather than revisit each individual topic, here’s a roundup of all your must-knows.

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Here in Texas, many folks spend this time of year preparing for spring gardens. Poison pet plants can kill cats and dogs any time of year, but spring can be particularly dangerous when new plants pose dangers. Learn more in this post:

Pet Poison Alert! 199 Poison Pet Plants & What to Do

People Pills Pose Pet Problems (say that fast 5 times!)

We had a scare when Bravo-Dawg got into my pill caddy that contained vitamins and aspirin-type meds. Yikes! Pets getting into human medications is one of the top kinds of pet poisons. Learn more about Bravo’s adventure — and other top pet poisons in this post:

PET POISON! 7 Top Toxins & Pet 1st Aid to Keep Cats & Dogs Safe

lily poisonEaster Risks for Cats & Dogs

It’s Easter season! Many lilies appear in gardens this time of year, and the plants help celebrate the season as well and often decorate homes. But these gorgeous flowers are toxic to pets, especially cats, and they don’t even have to eat the plant to get sick. Find out more in this post about Easter lilies:

Cats & Easter Lilies Danger, A Deadly Combo!

It’s not just Easter lilies, but also candy can make pets sick any time of the year. Easter has added risks, though, because of the increase in chocolate indulgence. Read about chocolate toxicity and what to do in this post:

Easter Candy Caution for Pets

Carbon Monoxide Danger for You and Your Pets

For more pet first-aid advice check out Amy’s updated audiobook The First-Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats on this post.

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