National Squirrel Day is Cat’s Meow!


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It’s NATIONAL SQUIRREL DAY…and it’s also ANSWER YOUR CAT’S QUESTION DAY. So I thought I’d combine the two, especially since my kitties are both quite enamored of rodents.

Seren asks, “Why did you have to adopt *spit* HIM? Wasn’t I enough for you? If you wanted goof-ball uncontrollable antics, just look out the window at those nut-gathering tree rats.

Amy says, “Karma needed a home and I knew we needed some goof-ball antics to keep life interesting and raise the love quotient. You are and will always be my favorite teeny-gorgeous-girl-kitty. And I knew Karma needed someone of YOUR intellect and prestige to keep him in line and teach him important cat-stuff.”

Karma asks, “Can we invite that nut-gathering tree rat inside for a play date?”

Amy says, “No.”

Karma asks, “Can I wrestle and bite Seren?”

Amy says, “No.”

Karma asks, “Can I make you laugh and tickle your toes, and lap-snuggle and love you forever?”

Amy says, “Always.”

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