National Dogfighting Awareness Day! Dogfighting Rescues Deserve A #FightingChance

April 8 has been declared National Dogfighting Awareness Day by the ASPCA. That’s appropriate since the entire month of April is National Prevent Cruelty to Animals Month and I can think of no more heinous crime against dogs (and other critters) than dog fights.

dogfightNational Dogfighting Awareness Day

Yes, I said “other animals” because even non-fighting critters may be victims of this cruel practice as “training tools” for the fighters. I visited the Crime Museum in Washington, DC several years ago, where the ASPCA hosted a display of dog fight paraphernalia and information about this horrible practice. The veterinary CSI’s had even excavated the skeleton of a cat that had been killed and buried in conjunction with training the dogs.

Sadly, there are still many myths surrounding the crime. It’s not an isolated practice–dog fighting happens all over the country, in cities, urban settings, and in the country. Perhaps in your community.

That information informed much of the background in my thriller SHOW AND TELL that shined a light on this heinous practice. Even when the animal victims are rescued, they may be tied up in red tape for weeks, months, or even years.

dogfightingHEART ACT: Help Extract Animals from Red Tape

I didn’t know about this act and am grateful the ASPCA sent me information to share. When the good guys bust a dogfighting operation, the animals they rescued become evidence. They can be held in limbo while court cases drag on. As you can imagine, many of these dogs already have suffered from their circumstances, and even with the best care, they continue to live with stress that can increase behavior issues. The ASPCA wants them to have real homes.

That’s where the HEART ACT comes in. It simply requests that the rescued animals be moved through the system more quickly, and remove unnecessary delays in their rehoming where possible. You can sign the petition here to ask leaders to support the HEART ACT and move the bill to a final vote.

“I’m a lover, not a fighter…” says Bravo.

Share About #FightingChance

I know dogfighting happens where I live. Here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, dogfighting and the associated guns, drugs and other crimes occur with great frequency. Yep, kids are involved–bring those kids up while exposing them to such things as “normal” and guess what happens? Urk!

Help the animals by reporting animal cruelty when you see it. Check out these great tips for doing so, while keeping yourself safe.

Want to help more? Copy & paste the following into your social media accounts and share the word!

In honor of National Dogfighting Awareness Day, sign the HEART Act, which helps victims of dogfighting find loving homes quicker: @ASPCA #FightingChance

Now…I gotta go pet my Bravo-Dawg and Karma-Katand thank doG that they’re safe! Here’s a happier topic–ways to LOVE YOUR PET!

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  1. So glad you joined the special Tuesday’s Tails blog hop today and, especially, that you talked about cats! I suspect most people don’t think about cats, kittens, and other small animals being used as bait in dog fighting. Thanks, Amy!

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