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KURVES Pictures

by | Mar 12, 2012 | Uncategorized | 7 comments


Maxine enters and opens up MAXINE’S GYM.” 1.Maxine enters


“Tell them a story, stall for time, blow some smoke!”” 7.Mabel&Max

10.Boots, Max, Mabel

Maxine tries to sneak a call for help.” 9.Maxine


Boots sings, “My flame for chicks burns like a zippo, I like ’em thin. I like ’em hippo…”” 11.Mabel,Max,Boots,Fingers


Maxine sings, “Curves, when the road seems straightest there’ll be curves, when the path seems safest there’ll be curves…”” 13.Maxine


Ronnie and Jane get the drop on Boots.” 18.Ronnie,Boots,Jane


“My sister, in the most beautiful dress in the world.”” 20.Fingers,Max


“He’s a man?! I thought it was two guys and five babes…”” 24.Boots


“It’s time to stop your bellyaching.”” 28.Mabel,Ronnie



“And I’ve actually walked into the ladies room with you, Max, talk about a man of mystery.”30.Boots,Mabel,Fingers[/caption


“Thirty years is a long time, Max, I can’t just pick up where we left off.”” 35.Celia,Max


“Very nice to meet you, Willy. I’m Mabel. And I’d love to see your lunchbox.”” 37.Mabel,Fingers

40.Boots, Jane

“Stop it! What does the reason matter. Do you still love him?”” 39.Celia, Ronnie


“I don’t say stuff all el-o-quent-ish the way educated people do, but I’ll do my bestest.”” 41.Mabel, Fingers

44.Ronnie, Troy

Troy enters through the back door. “Ronnie! Mother called, she was getting worried.”” 43.Mabel,Ronnie,Fingers,Troy


“The back door’s jammed, I nearly broke my…whatsis trying to get it open.”” 45.Ronnie, Troy,Max,Boots

49.Ronnie, Troy

Troy sings, “Because you fit, you’re part of my picture, we both fit, we’re inside the frame…”” 47.Ronnie,Troy


“The guy died in prison 15 years ago.”” 48.Ronnie,Troy,Max,Boots,Jane

“It fits!”” 51.Jane


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  1. Piper Bayard

    Love the pics! Wish I could have seen the show, Amy. You folks clearly had a great time.

    • amyshojai

      Hi Piper! Yes, it was awesome. We’ve been asked to bring the show back. And the script has been requested by a couple of folks so it may be produced by other companies, too.

  2. patriciasands

    Thanks Amy! I feel like I just watched the whole show! Now all we need is the soundtrack. Congrats again on this wonderful success! You are one talented lady!

    • amyshojai

      Thanks Natalie and Patricia!

  3. amyshojai

    Thanks Jennifer! That lyric is from “You’re The Chick For Me” sung by the character who hits on everyone with a pulse. He’s hilarious–but has hidden depths and finds a true love despite his lines. *s* This was so much fun. We have folks interested in producing the show, so I need to get stuff posted soon…between press trips and speaking engagements, LOL!

  4. jennifer tanner

    …My flame for chicks burns like a zippo, I like ’em thin. I like ’em hippo… I LOVE THIS!

    I listen to show tunes sometimes when I write. The catchy lyrics help me with the rhythm of my sentences and they’re a source for inspiration. Thanks for posting the pics, Amy. Truly wonderful that you’re multi-faceted and multi-talented.


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