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Karma-Kat & Trinity-Kitten #Review the Uahpet Glow Wireless Cat Water Fountain

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Cat Behavior & Care, Dog Training & Care, Sponsored & Reviews | 1 comment

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UAHPET compensated me for sharing my honest opinion in this SPONSORED BLOG POST reviewing the Wireless Cat Water Fountain. Thank you to UAHPET for providing the free product.

I’ve reviewed other Uahpet products before–the ball launcher and an earlier version of the Wireless Cat Water Fountain. Today, I’m delighted to take a look at the latest updated product, the GLOW Wireless Cat Water Fountain.

Cats conserve water and don’t drink as much as they should. Any incentive to prompt your cat to lap up extra water benefits Kitty’s health. With our new kitten Trinity promoting more exercise (kitten play is thirsty work!), adding water sources means more drinking ops. In fact, water makes up 84 percent of a kitten’s body weight, so with Trinity just over two pounds, water makes up a pound-and-a-half of her weight.

Water for both kittens and adult cats fuels the body, helping to distribute important nutrients, regulating body temperature, and promoting regular bathroom habits. I’ve moved a water fountain into Trinity’s kitten room, the dog has a big bowl in the kitchen, and now Karma-Kat has the benefit of the new GLOW fountain.

Why Cats Prefer Fountains

Flowing water tastes better because the motion aerates the liquid. Stale water can smell bad, and encourage the growth of bag bugs like bacteria, or mold and mildew. That’s why pets often prefer drinking from the toilet, yuck!

I’ve had many fountains in the past, but some splash so much they damage walls and mirrors (yes, it tarnished my bathroom mirror!). The wired fountains prove dangerous especially to pets that like to chew like dogs or playful kittens.

That’s why I’m a fan of the Uahpet wireless fountains. They take the danger out of splish-splashing fun. And, the water bubbles up from the hidden reservoir, preventing plaster or other damage. Without a cord, you’re not limited to where you can place the fountain, either.

Karma-Kat has always preferred staying near the ground. Aging cats like Karma have trouble jumping up to reach high perches where most of our electrical outlets are located. So wireless fountain options provide more flexibility. With Trinity-Kitten, if her behavior holds true, she’ll want to sip from the highest perch possible. So having more than one fountain, in a variety of locations, increases drinking opportunities.

What is the Glow Wireless Pet Water Fountain?

The GLOW fountain shares many similarities with the other Uahpet Wireless Pet Fountains. Having no wire eliminates the risk of electrical shock. Instead, the Glow Wireless Pet Fountain includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five months on one charge. Instead of a plug-in port to charge with a USB cord, the Glow fountain’s port works magnetically. It snaps into place. The replaceable filter also utilizes magnetic tension to keep it snugly in place.

UahPet simplified the design. Now only three pieces compose this fountain: a drinking tray, magnetic filter that clicks/attaches, and the two fit onto the water bucket like a lid. It’s now simpler and faster to set up and maintain. Vacuum-packed pumping means water circulates without contact with the electronic components.

The gentle flow of water gets triggered by a motion-detection system, so water only flows when your cat (or dog, human, or other motion) sets it off. That preserves the battery, too. But the GLOW fountain gets its name from a glowing marble-size light from which the water pours. Both the sound of trickling water and the glowing resin ball light helps cats better see and identify the water surface. That intrigues the cat to investigate. Trinity-Kitten immediately wanted to investigate the light and began to drink from the new fountain within 10-seconds of discovering it. This one, like other Uahpet fountains, works in near silence, with no motor hum.

The Uahpet Glow only runs when a motion-activated sensor triggers the pump. Water only spills out of the glowing bubble when the cat (or some other motion) triggers it. That helps keep the pump charge lasting as long as possible. Even if you lose electrical power or want to take the fountain with you during holiday visits, the battery continues to keep water flowing.

  • Range of sensor: Instructions suggest a cat moving 3 feet away will trigger water flow for about 25 seconds. However, mine triggers and flows water when I walk into the room, sensing my motion from about 6-feet away.
  • Timed mode: You can switch off the auto-sensor and instead the fountain will flow every 15 minutes.
  • Translucent reservoir: The reservoir holds two liters (68 ounces) of water, slightly larger than the other fountain I reviewed. I like seeing the level of water, so that I don’t forget and let it run dry. Unless you have multiple pets drinking, the reservoir should provide enough water for up to 10 days.
  • Filters: To ensure the cleanest, freshest tasting liquid, water runs through a 7-layer filter system. A tiny brush comes with the fountain to clean small areas such as where the filter fits. They recommend changing filters every month.
  • Cleaning: Take apart, and hand wash parts with mild soap and water. Do not use harsh cleansers.

How to set up the GLOW Wireless Cat Water Fountain

  1. Unbox. My fountain came in a sturdy cardboard shipping box, with the fountain packed inside a second an interior box. After lifting off the shallow drinking tray, the water bucket reservoir contained 1 filter, the USB charging cord, and filter brush. A second box of 6 magnetic filters came in a second package (must purchase separately for about $23). That allows 6-months of monthly changing the filter. The paper pamphlet provides a pictorial list and label of contents, with installation instructions, plus a QR code to scan to download an instruction manual for more detail.
  2. The Pogo pin magnetic charging cable (5V=2A) clicks into place at the back of the top drinking tray. The cord came without an adapter plug for the wall, but an extra phone cord charger worked to insert the USB connection. A blue light flashes during charging and stays steady when fully charged. Instructions say to expect 5-6 hours to charge, but the fountain can work while you charge. Mine came fully charged. NOTE: A red light flashes to indicate low battery below 5% and that needs charging.
  3. Rinse the water bucket and drinking tray before using. Soak the filter and filter sponge 15 minutes prior to using.
  4. Detach the charging cord. Fill the reservoir–the size works well to fit in the bathroom sink under the spigot. Then place the drinking tray on top of the reservoir. It fits easily in place like the lid on a bowl.
  5. Place the cat water fountain in the location you prefer. Rubber nubs on the base help keep the fountain steady and in place so it won’t scoot.
  6. Press and hold the ON/OFF button (on the back of the water tray below the glow-light indicator). Hold for 2 seconds to power on or off. You’ll hear a short “beep” sound telling you the fountain is on.
  7. Once engaged, a mode indicator light comes on and you can short-press the button to switch between the two modes. Timed mode (white light) triggers water to release every 15 minutes; sensing mode (blue light) triggers water dispensing when pets approach. To switch between modes (either “motion sensor” or “timed”), quickly press the button. An indicator light comes on to show which mode engages along with the short “beep.” The blue light indicates when the given mode is on, and stays off when on standby.
  8. Clean regularly. Replace the filter and filter sponge monthly. Power off before cleaning. High-temperature cleaning will damage the fountain, so hand-wash only using water temperatures below 5-C/122F.

How we tested it

Karma-Kat has used the Uahpet Wireless Cat Fountain since we first received it several weeks ago. We have a second large pan of water in the kitchen for Shadow-Pup. And Trinity-Kitten has her own bowl of water in her private kitten room adjacent to my office. I set up the GLOW fountain right next to the other wireless fountain.

Karma immediately wanted to investigate (as you can see in the pictures, above). But he’s not easily impressed and didn’t seem to care one way or another. Shadow also had a chance to check it out. This fountain’s configuration, lacking the protruding pump/battery of the other one, would work better for dogs, too, and offers more water surface from which to slurp.

I wanted to test the fountain with the new kitten. She’s only 10-weeks-old, at that “clueless” stage where exploring the world remains exciting and fun. So the timing for Trinity worked great. You’ll see in the pictures above that as soon as she saw the glowing ball, the kitten rushed to explore–and then drank and drank. Success! I think Trinity gave the GLOW fountain 4 paws up!

Other Reviewer Comments

I always check reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to balance my short experience with the product. One of the reviewers raved about the upgrade, and included pictures of her Cocker Spaniel dog enjoying the GLOW fountain. Because of the way dogs drink (messy beasts sometimes!) a towel may be necessary to catch dribbles if you offer this for your dogs.

Most reviews loved the fountain. But the biggest concerns listed pointed to pump issue failures. These posted nearly a year ago, though. Since that time, the company says the latest versions include a more robust and efficient pump.

Final Thoughts

I love the updated version of this fountain. The magnetic charging cord, and magnetic filters, work like magic to snap into place for even the most tech-challenged person *raising my hand.* I also love that there are fewer parts to put together. If you can set a lid on a bowl, you can put this fountain together. It gave me a thrill and a chuckle to see how Trinity-Kitten reacted to the fountain. She’ll get her own GLOW fountain in her room. And won’t have to play in the sink anymore!

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Amy Shojai, CABC is a certified cat & dog behavior consultant, a consultant to the pet industry, and the award-winning author of 35+ pet-centric books and Thrillers with Bite! Oh, and she loves bling!

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  1. Frank Steele

    What a great review! The photos, the text….everything made me want to buy one. As I say every week, thank you.


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