How Pets Drink

How do your pets drink? Do your pets drink from toilets? I found these videos and they were just too good not to share! I’ve written before about why they choose to slurp from that “porcelain thrown” but not the “how” it’s done. Read on for details about how pets drink.


Karma will get in the toilet, too, so we make a habit of shutting the lid. Image copr. Amy Shojai, CABC

How Pets Drink

Did you know that cat and dog tongues not only are designed differently, but they work in ways you’d never expect to drink. I suspect there’s a reason cats evolved as desert creatures able to manage to conserve their water–because they are NOT particularly efficient at drinking.

But neither are dogs. The video explains why some dogs make such a mess of drinking. I always thought they scooped water forward–but get a load of that slow-mo!

So are your pets messy slurpers? Do they drink from the toilet? Do tell!


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4 thoughts on “How Pets Drink

  1. So interesting! Didn’t know dogs made like tongue-buckets! We have over the years had two cats (not related to each other) who scoop water (one from bowl, one from faucet) with paw and put it in to their mouths! One out grew this trick; the other continues the habit as an adult! Amazing to watch!

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