Hide and Seek Blog Tour!

HideSeekLoRezThe next two months (yes, that’s SIXTY DAYS, YIKES!) I’m on a virtual tour, spreading the thrilling (and furry-licious) news about HIDE AND SEEK, the second book in my September Day dog viewpoint thriller series. *whispering* There are some opportunities for free books along the way…

Those who read the first book in the series LOST AND FOUND demanded to know what happened in September’s past — you ask, I listened, and the result is the new roller coaster ride with even more intrigue and mayhem. If you read this blog regularly you already know how the canine hero character Shadow was inspire by my own Magical-Dawg, and that the Maine Coon character’s traits and challenges mirror that of many felines that we love. I hope y’all continue to enjoy this series.

I’ve scaled back posting on the blog (sorry…) to have more time to write the NEXT book in the series, SHOW AND TELL. Over the next several weeks, I’ll post links to each stop of the blog tour so that you can find out more about my writing process, what furry details inspire my work (and my life), and more.

If you want to get a jump on the schedule, my website homepage lists current and upcoming posts here.

Yesterday I was the guest on Suspense Radio One On One with John Raab, and–with the magic of the Internet–you can hear the 20-minute podcast at your leisure right here. Fun stuff…we laughed. A lot! Check it out here.

Today’s stop is at Laurie’s Thoughts And Reviews where you’ll find a fun interview with me about the book, how it came to be, and some advice to writers. Oh…and an excerpt from the book, too, if you’re not too sure about reading it and want a teaser. Go to the blog here.


Backstage at the show…and yes, that’s all my own jewelry. Ahem.


My current “brain candy” is preforming in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and we just finished our first weekend of 3 performances, with nearly 700 in attendance. Wow! The man still has an awesome fan base. *s* You’ll remember that last week Karma-Kitten interviewed the dog actor Benedick here. Now you can view a TV interview about the show (and yes, that’s me in the bling, go figure!). Check out the KXII-TV video here.

Later this week, look for more furry-licious content–after all, June is ADOPT A SHELTER CAT MONTH so Seren-Kitty and Karma-Kitten have some suggestions for choosing your next furry wonder. Maybe that’s why COMPLETE KITTEN CARE book has been in the top 3 Amazon best sellers list the past week, yay!

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2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek Blog Tour!

  1. Hi Amy!
    Mommy Jenny & I are so happy for you and proud of you. Can’t wait to check out your book. I do book reviews and will be doing a Pixel summer reading series. We should talk. Oh, love the bling…you look beautiful!
    Your friend, Pixel

    • Hi Pixel! *doing happy dance* I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book, a summer reading series sounds fun. Thanks for the kind words. Do you have a Kindle? I could send you a review copy…:)

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