Happy Father’s Day: Celebrating with Pets!

Today we celebrate Father’s Day. Later, I’ll call my dad back home in Indiana. This picture, from a few years ago, illustrates a bit why I love books and reading so much! My mom and dad had Shelties and that also influenced my life in so many positive ways. I wish that I could be there in person, but I am so grateful to still have my dad and mom in my life.

Father's Day

With my parents, Phil and Mary Monteith (now 92-years-young!)

Happy Father’s Day

At our house, I used to say all our “kids” have four feet and fur. Well, they have at least three feet with fur, LOL! My very private husband rarely wants his picture taken, and so I respect his wishes and don’t publish about him very often.

He didn’t grow up with pets and had to make some major adjustments when we married. I remember that when he first came to my house when we started dating, he expressed amazement that we had three house dogs (Shelties) and how clean they were! So, when we got married, his first gift to me was a German Shepherd puppy–and that experience launched my pet writing career.

Pet Daddies Make A Difference

Since then, we’ve lived with several pets. These are just a few of my favorites with him and the furry wonders. To all the “cat dads” and “pup parents” out there celebrating Father’s Day with pets, this one’s for you!

father's day with pets

With Karma-Kat.

pet fathers day

Here’s Bravo, his first night home as a Tripawd doggy.

father's day

With Bravo his first day home two years ago. Big puppy!

father's day with pets

With Magical-Dawg his first day home. Still waiting to capture an image with the new Shadow-Pup (that pupper moves too fast!)

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5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day: Celebrating with Pets!

  1. So great to see Bravo home safe and sound to his most familiar and loving surroundings. I hope he is adapting well and tolerating the expected pain. I know with the family he lives with he is in the best of care. Hope little Shadow is adapting well also in this new situation. I’m sure Karma having lived quite a while already with Bravo has slipped right into the new situation. Take Care and blessings to all.
    PS tell hubby he looks fine in the pictures.

    • Thanks, Judi. Karma’s a rock star kitty. For the first time today, Bravo acts like he wants to play more. It’s rainy so we’re all just hanging out today, good for us all.

  2. Loved this piece about M and your pets. All our cats have always had Daddy in their hearts! Happy Father’s Day! Thank M for letting you share this heartwarming story.

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