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Fight or Flight: Name That Dog, Name That Cat & Name That Horse Contest!

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Contest, Fiction, Writing Advice & More | 28 comments

FINAL UPDATE! More than 50 names were suggested — the finalists are listed on polls, below, and the POLLS HAVE CLOSED! With nearly 400 votes, the winners are:

  • KARMA for the Rottie
  • MAGIC for the Pup
  • FURY for the Horse
  • GIZMO for the Cat

This contest, for the first time, folks voted for names that I suggested, with one exception–GIZMO-kitty was suggested by an anonymous voter, and I don’t know who that is. So please message me on Facebook or email me amy @ to let me know!


Back in 2015, I was thrilled to be invited to join Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Kindle Worlds family. I wrote three novella prequels that introduced the Rottweiler police dog Keiki and her North Texas dog trainer Lia Corazon. First of all, THANKS! for those who adopted my Keiki & Lia thrillers. But I have some sad news to share about my Kindle Worlds novellas.

Kindle Worlds Shutting Down

Amazon will shut down the Kindle Worlds program, and will delete all of the Kindle Worlds stories. UPDATE: As of July 1st, all of my novellas are gone.

It has been my honor to write in Toby Neal’s fabulous Lei Crime Kindle Worlds, and imagine Keiki’s puppy life. I’m sad there will be no more Keiki & Lia stories. Toby Neal, like the rest of us, was blindsided by this change.


There’s good news. I will release my stories in an expanded full length thriller, the 4th installment in my September Day & Shadow Thrillers. While Kindle World stories were only available via the U.S. Kindle Worlds store, FIGHT OR FLIGHT (like all of my novels) will be available in print, on ALL EBOOK PLATFORMS (including international stores), and eventually in audio.

Because of contractual obligations, the new book cannot be made available for pre-order until after July 15 when Kindle Worlds novellas are deleted. I also must rename any characters borrowed from Toby Neal’s world to ensure FIGHT OR FLIGHT is truly my creation alone–and also to freshen up the story. Whether or not you’ve previously read the Kindle Worlds novellas, you’re in for a treat. This new book fills in some of the missing puzzle pieces from SHOW AND TELL (remember when Shadow was missing? *s*). Additional chapters have been added to ensure FIGHT OR FLIGHT truly carries on the nail-biting tradition and characterization you love in the first three thrillers.

Therefore, I’m reopening the contest to name some of the specific animal characters in the story. That’s where YOU come in!

When a violent flood sweeps Shadow away, he must save  himself–and others–to find his way home.

A THREAT FROM THE PAST seeks a deadly revenge.
A MENACING SECRET terrorizes children.
AND A LOST DOG braves an inferno…and finds true love.


Those who read SHOW AND TELL know that Shadow goes missing for a week. The mystery of what he does during those missing days begins this new story. In addition, I need new names for some revised characters and plots. On the polls, I’ve included some of my favorite names–vote for one of them, or add your own suggestions.


SHARE the polls, SHARE the blog post, SHARE your excitement!

The four winners will each have their pet-name-choice featured in FIGHT OR FLIGHT (and possibly future stories), will be thanked in the acknowledgements AND receive an advance readers copy (ARC) of the Ebook. Once the print book has been released, those who reside in the U.S. (or Canada) will also receive a paw-tographed copy of the book.

  1. NAME THAT ROTTIE: A brave and stoic Rottweiler girl. She begins the book as a four-month-old clueless puppy, and develops into a savvy, well trained police protection dog by the end of the book. Will become a recurring character in future stories. [polldaddy poll=10040261]

2. NAME THAT PUPPY: A fearless, intuitive black Rottie/shepherd boy. He’s destined to be extraordinary (in future stories) developing a telepathic partnership with Lia. [polldaddy poll=10040264]

3. NAME THAT HORSE: A spirited ranch horse that helps train the Rottie pup, and saves Lia during a wildfire. [polldaddy poll=10040265]

4. NAME THAT CAT: A kitten rescued by the Rottie girl, and in turn, thwarts the bad guy in a very cat-like way. Ultimately adopted by Lia, this kitty will be a recurring character in future stories. [polldaddy poll=10040270]


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  1. Lyn McConchie

    I voted on them all, and – sigh – none of those I voted for were most liked. And Thunder, my 19lb Ocicat would have preferred to see HIS name there I think.

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks for voting, Lyn. I love the name Thunder — and an Ocicat would be such a fun character to include in a future story.

  2. muttsandmews

    I voted! 2/3 were popular votes, but the last one I voted on wasn’t. But I like all the names!

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks for voting and commenting, I appreciate it.

  3. Talent Hounds

    Loved the names and voted. Can’t wait for the new print book to come out (one door closes but another opens). You are such an inspiration.

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks so much for the comments, and the votes!

  4. Beth

    I voted, and I think most of them are great names. I’m especially pulling for Truffle who is also one of my favorite cats on the internet.

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks for voting, Beth! I love all the names so will be happy with any of them.

  5. Enviro_Dog

    Amazon has too many rules! That’s a shame about your novellas. I loved the names, although most of my favorites weren’t the top ranking ones.

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks for voting! Well, amazon is a business and must do what’s right for them.

  6. Jana Rade

    I have to admit I don’t even know what Kindle Worlds is. But I’m glad you found a way to preserve the stories so they can be become reborn.

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks Jana. That may have been part of the problem, not enough folks knew what Kindle Worlds was. In any event, I’m excited the books will have a new life and audience of readers.

  7. Cathy Armato

    Thanks for including us in the character naming! I’m surprised Jinx was such a popular name for a dog in the results – I always think of Jinx as a bad luck name, as in being “jinxed” by a curse, LOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks Cathy! Well…if you knew the puppy in question, you might think she was “jinxed” since trouble kind of follows her around. But she overcomes it, of course!

  8. Ruth Epstein

    Layla pressed the keys, gave her the option to vote today. They may not be the most popular but when the Boss speaks the slave does LOL. That was fun and we cannot wait to see who wins

    • Amy Shojai

      Yay Layla, you can’t argue with the dog!

  9. Michael Matassa

    That was super fun to pick names. I didn’t pick any of the popular ones but then again I always name my dogs weird names like Squid, Sponge, Mr Bean and the latest member to my furry family is Hiccup =)

    • Amy Shojai

      Those are great names! Thanks for voting.

  10. DearMishu

    This was really fun! I love the name Griff for a tough dog too if you want to add it to the list!

  11. Hindy Pearson

    I come up with the absolute worst names for animals, you definitely wouldn’t want me to make any suggestions. However, since name were already nominated I figured I couldn’t do much harm, so I voted. Some of the names I chose weren’t the most popular, others were. Thanks for letting us play a small part in your writings.

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks for voting! Some of the names I already had in mind and used as place-holders. Others were suggested by more creative minds than mine. I’m eager to see what wins!

  12. Lola The Rescued Cat

    We voted! Some of our votes weren’t the most pawpular, but that’s OK. Our mom can’t wait to read this book!

    • Amy Shojai

      That’s okay, thanks for voting! I’m writing fast as I can to get it done. *s*

  13. Kompyuteran

    Amy Shojai, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  14. judy

    Maybe i am just stupid. But i really don’t understand why the individual authors can not just sell them as is as long as it’s okay with Toby Neal. Toby is the original creator right? so as long as Toby says it’s okay and Toby has had nothing but a high regard especially for your books and for others that created and built on these characters then what does it matter with Amazon. They aren’t interested anymore. So it’s not their problem. Most authors know I have an issue with Amazon as a general rule anyways. Because if a person was to walk into a bookstore purchase books which are now no longer owned by the bookstore once the cashier rings up the sale and then was stopped at the door and told that they could not leave with the books they just bought there would be a riot. And then they were told that they were more than welcome to use a room in the back where they could read it whenever they wanted to during operating hours just as long as they leave the books in the store when they get ready to leave then you would think they were absolutely nuts. Especially if you just bought the book for Mr Jones who is in the hospital and can’t come to the store in order to read the book. at any rate there would be a major uproar resulting in the store no longer having any customers and would be forced to close.
    Crazy right? And yet that is EXACTLY what Amazon is doing. Most don’t think anything of it because they can afford all the bells and whistles and take them for granted these days. But those that can’t afford all those things do indeed notice. And saying well they have a free app doesnt make it ok. To start with its a large file their free app..and I don’t have room for it on my phone right now. And the other issue is that i pay for a book its now my book. But I cannot even download it into my phone unless I have their stupid app. Thats not right. And their products the kindle fires and such you can only use them with a WiFi. Which you have to have internet. And not everyone lives within walking distance to a McDonald’s to use their free WiFi. Kobo allows you to download books but they have it locked so once again you can’t read your own book without their kobo app. Thats why i like smashwords. From a reader standpoint. A person can purchase or be gifted or get free books and you can immediately download the book or have it emailed to your device free of any special locks and you can use The ereader of your choice. There are lots out there and the one i use is much better than Amazon’s anyway. It has a read aloud option that is useful for those of us who have eye issues that some days just don’t want to cooperate. Sure it’s a computer voice but better than not being able to read it at all. some of you say well just don’t give them your business and stop whining. Well I have to. Even though I can’t read the books I get through Amazon I still have to acquire them for later because it’s the only place I can get books for most of the authors I read. At least until they remove them from kindle unlimited. There are several I follow through smashwords or from their websites. But most are only available from Amazon. I dont blame the authors. I understand that they are great for independent writers. But i do wish they were honest like smashwords is. Who have only been in business for ten years so they are nothing in comparison with Amazon. Maybe down the road smashwords can do more for writers.
    But Amazon wants nothing to do with this kindle worlds anymore. And each world belongs to the original creator. So as long as that creator says sure i love your stuff. Go ahead and keep it and link it to my stuff as well then what business is it of Amazon’s anymore.

    • Amy Shojai

      Hi Judy, Well the new novel will be available on all the Ebook platforms and in print, so you shouldh’t have any problem getting it if you want. *s*

  15. Rachel Phelps

    Preston voted.. you will never guess what he wants them called lol

    • Amy Shojai

      Ha! For which dog? The Rottie police dog or the pup? I’ll add the name. *s* For some reason, I can’t see the “suggestions” that are being added and voted on, so I need to manually add them.



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