All About How A Dog Uses Cat Litter Box

When cat and dog people get together, you never know what to expect. We had an interesting discussion about when a dog uses cat litter box, among other things. Can you train a dog to use the litterbox? Yes!
CWA 2013 005I originally wrote this post while at the Cat Writers Conference in Dallas. At these events, we have a ball attending expert writing seminars and schmoozing with lots of cat (and dog) lovers. At the opening event there were lots of BOO-tiful costumes displayed during the bag-stuffing party. Yes, had to don my wings!

Dog Uses Cat Litter Box

Such a gathering of pet professionals often results in some terrific discussions. We often talk about the most common cat behavior issue–cat litter box problems. I wonder how many dog trainers  hear questions about training dogs to use cat litter boxes? Or how often dogs teach themselves to use the cat litter box! It sure did puzzle the pet owner!

How about you? Have your dogs ever shown unusual interest in the cat’s litter box? No, I don’t mean THAT WAY as in yucky treats from the litter box, but wanting to potty there? Here’s the Ask Amy video for my take. Oh, and be aware that cats might object to the dog claiming their potty! Learn more about cat litter box training here.

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  1. Amy,
    You mention that one of the best moves you made was switching from the “free” WordPress to a self-hosted site. Can you please elaborate on WHY that was a good move for you? What were the benefits? Pros and cons?
    Also, have you posted your poll for canine & feline character names yet? That’s always so much fun and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing it somewhere.

    • Hi Kristi, It varies from person to person depending on what you want out of your blog. The “free” wordpress works very well for hobby writers and some pro-writers who don’t blog a great deal. The benefits…it’s free! The cons…well, you don’t have all the control that you might want. It’s hosted by WordPress itself so you won’t have any upkeep. But you also can’t “monetize” the blog (sell ads, earn money), and you can’t customize with plugins.

      But if you self-host (on your own server) you have more control over the NAME of the blog, you can have a larger amount of space for data (pictures, video, audio, etc), and typically there are more options for designing the blog with a unique/brand-able look. Here’s a great info-graphic that compares the two side by side.

      The surveys for NAME THAT DOG and NAME THAT CAT will post this week! I’m just now home from a weekend conference so haven’t had a chance to put them together yet. Thanks for asking! (you had some great suggestions 🙂 )

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