Cats, Books & Litter-ary Tastes

typwriterAs you read this, I am in New York at Thrillerfest, celebrating the best writing in thrillers around. It seemed appropriate to offer a post today about the relationship between cats and books–since felines figure so much in my own writing. What’s the deal with cats and reading material, anyway?

In my line of work, my most successful autograph parties happen at dog or cat shows. Invariably I end up with kitty kibitzing in terms of the felines choosing their own pick-of-the-litter-ary selection. How about you?

Do your cats enjoy books? What’s their relationship with reading material? Even with my Kindle, Seren-kitty insists on planting her furry nether regions on top of the screen. Why do cats like to SIT on books? For my answer…scroll down to the video Ask Amy, below. Enjoy!

Wall-E-2cat-bookkitten and booksserenbooks

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12 thoughts on “Cats, Books & Litter-ary Tastes

  1. Can’t believe it’s Thrillerfest time again. I know you’ll have a wonderful time, and come away with all sorts of new friends and chiller-thriller ideas.

    Why do cats sit on books? In my home, I can think of two reasons:
    – Because every horizontal surface is either cluttered with books or cat photos.
    – Because cats sit usually sit wherever they damn well please!

  2. I’m so glad you’re having such a great time at Thrillerfest. By the way, I love the cat sweater! Yes, my cats don’t want any newspapers, magazines, etc. in their way when they want all the attention which is most of the time. I was going to use my iPad yesterday and lo and behold I turn around to get it and Termite, my youngest cat is sitting his hiney on it and looking around like he’s a king. I call them my little paperweights. LOL. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Have a safe trip home!

  3. So hows Thrillerfest @Amy? Im more into dogs, but the cat on the first pic caught my attention. Nice furr and interesting red eyes. What breed is that?

    • Thrillerfest was wonderful! I’ve a couple more blogs posted since this one with updates about the event. As for the cat breeds in this blog–the kitten in the typewriter is a Persian baby, the black and white kitty on the book is a domestic longhair, and the curly coated cat is a Selkirk Rex kitty named Wall-E. Here’s video of Wall-E at the cat show!

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