CAT LIFE Honored by Cat Writers Association: On Sale Now in Countdown Deal!

Cat Life On Sale Now! — Yep, I’m celebrating that my book CAT LIFE has been honored with a Certificate of Excellence Award from the Cat Writers’ Association. Yee-haw! To celebrate the honor, I’ve put CAT LIFE Kindle version on sale at Amazon in a “countdown deal.”

The KINDLE version’s usual price is $9.99 so I’m discounting the book as follows–the earlier you catch the deal, the more you save, starting at $1.99 for an 81% discount. Each day the price goes up a bit, so this deal runs Sunday until Friday, August 14 and goes up to full price the next day.

The schedule’s below–and you’ll also find the “ticking countdown” on the book page here:

Of course, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read the book there at any time. *s* 

Cat Life: The History, Culture & Love of the Cat

This is the first time I’ve published with full-color interior photographs. I wanted this cat gift book to be beautiful, as well as provide fun insight into the kitties that share our lives. The pictures, though, make the book file so large, that I could only upload an Ebook version in “print replica” on Kindle. 

The book is divided into four parts that explore the evolution and history of cats; the feline influence on our culture from paintings and media to literature and more; basic anatomy and cat care concerns; and finally, a gallery of breeds to celebrate the many gorgeous pedigreed cats. You can get a taste of the book in this trailer–and the music is from STRAYS, THE MUSICAL.

Where to Find Cat Life Book

If’ you’d prefer a print version, CAT LIFE is available at the following stores (but not discounted, sorry). 

Barnes & Noble (Paperback)

Amazon (Paperback)

Books-A-Million (Paperback)

Barnes & Noble (Hardcover)

Amazon (Hardcover)

Books-A-Million (Hardcover)

Amazon (Kindle)


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