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Bravo’s Cancer Journey, a Joyous Update

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Dog Training & Care | 19 comments

During these turbulent times, having a beloved dog suffering from cancer ain’t fun. Bravo’s cancer cure journey caught us by surprise and has prompted multiple meltdowns (mine, not the dawg’s).

You see, Bravo doesn’t know or care what the word means. Only how he feels THIS MOMENT. And Bravo-Dawg feels fine, thankyouverymuch!

After he completed five rounds of chemotherapy, we counted the days until his follow-up chest X-ray. That checks for any cancer spread to the lungs, the most likely place for osteosarcoma to metastasize. On November 2, we took Bravo to our local veterinarian.

And then we waited. Dr. Clay told me the pictures looked good to him–other than some tiny white dots that “probably” were end-on blood vessels (but they MIGHT be early signs of cancer spread). We waited for a definitive evaluation from Bravo’s oncologist after the X-rays were transmitted to him.

Is His Cancer Gone?

With no news by last Thursday, I called November 5, telling myself that “no news is good news.” After all, if caught in time, his amputation and chemo could have been a cancer cure. So we waited some more.

Yesterday, I called again, discovering an issue with the phone meant I missed the oncologist’s call back to me last Friday. *cue shivers* But when we finally connected, he told me the news:

“The X-rays look great, no sign of cancer.”


As of this moment, Bravo-Dawg is cancer-free…I’ll take that as a cancer cure, for now. Paws crossed he stays that way. For the next year, he will have follow-up chest X-rays quarterly to monitor his status. We are to watch for “gagging or coughing” which could point to problems.

But right now–Bravo and his buddy Shadow (along with Karma-Kat) are all happy, healthy, and a handful of pet-centric bliss.

May it always be so. And may your own pet family (and the two-leggers in your life) stay well and safe. THANK YOU to all for your support and prayers during these challenging times.

Oh, and Bravo-Dawg says, “Do I get bacon?”

By the way, there’s a PAWSOME resource for pet parents going through this journey. Check out the resources page here.

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  1. Terry Zarsky

    Great News! I’ve had dogs who fought cancer as well including amputations and they lived till 14. Best wishes to all.


  2. Andrea

    Great news for Bravo and you. It’s good to hear something good coming out of this unmentionable year.

    • Amy Shojai

      Yes, I’m ready for positive news.

  3. Franklin Steele

    A lot to be thankful for. Great news for Bravo and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Steve N Lee

    Looks like someone got an early Christmas present!
    I’m so pleased for you and Bravo. It’s nice to have come good news for a change.

  5. Carol Kraft

    I am so happy for Bravo. That is such great news. Please give Bravo an extra piece of bacon from me.

  6. Kim Laird

    So glad! And Rosy’s cancer journey is going well also. No further symptoms, she is her normal self and very frisky. I’ll take that news any day… I’ll never know if the ketogenic diet is responsible or not, but she sure likes the food on it. 🙂

    So happy both our pups are doing well!

  7. Judi Moyers

    Oh Amy I am sooooo hap;py for y’all especially Bravo-Dawg. He has been thru a =great deal but looks as tho it was what it was and that is over!!! He looks happy as do his pals and I know you and hubby are super happy. Oh, and now can you get going on book 6 as I’m WAITING! LOL. I know you have been thru the mill with Bravo as having many dogs in my breeding/showing years….it is hard to live thru these episodes in your dog’s lives. I still think if his hear narrowed out a bit he has a beautiful Dane look to his face. Course 27 years with breeding them I see the Dane look. He is beautiful. Shadow is a cutie too. Take care, breathe deep and enjoy. Judi

    • Judi Moyers

      OOPPS missed some spelling —that’s if his head narrows out a bit. AND I do know that a semicolon (;) is not in the word happy. LOL. Fat fingers today.

      • Amy Shojai

        LOL Judi, my typo-gremlins haunt my keyboard! And I’ve always thought he might have Dane in the woodpile (we don’t know about his daddy…). Thanks so much for the good thoughts and support. And yep, the ideas for thriller #6 are percolating. *s*

  8. Edie Chase

    Bravo can have ALL the bacon! What great news!

    • Amy Shojai

      Yep, shopping later today–and BACON is on the list.

  9. Jackie Kripas

    This is such fabulous news and congratulations to all!!! Celebrate with treats for everyone and snuggles.❤️

    • Amy Shojai

      Thanks! we celebrated yesterday with ice-cream-bones (stuffed frozen kongs) but the celebration continues.

  10. Catwoods

    Wonderful news!



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