Beat Writers Block, Get Motivated & WRITE the Dang Book!

Got a book idea, but no time? Suffering from writer’s block, or lack of motivation? Frustrated by distractions or “not good enough” second-guessing? Kick those doubts in the ass-ets and get the project on track and finished–even if you have only 10 minutes a day!

Due to technical issues that delayed with last month’s presentation, I’m offering this DO-OVER free coaching session LIVE on September 20 at 11:00 am (CST).

Maybe you want to write a memoir, or tell the story of your cat and dog adoptions and want to know how to publish. Or perhaps romances or thrillers fill your imagination, maybe a book is done and you wonder how to find an agent or publisher. You’ve got questions–and I’ve got answers.

What’s holding you back? Oh…I know, believe me, I know. Because I have been where you are!

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Beat Writers Block, Get Motivated & WRITE the Dang Book!

After writing and publishing 30+ nonfiction titles, and an ongoing fiction series, I’ve been-there, done-that and suffered ALL the “what ifs?” and head-banging problems every writer faces. Yes, you are NOT alone!

I got through it, and so can you. Whether you’re just starting your writer-icity journey, transitioning from traditional publishing to indie, or want to find extra help and tips to shorten the trip, I’ve got answers for you. For the first time, I’m offering my popular writing and publishing talks (in bite-size bits) as live Coaching Sessions and on-demand recordings.


The first one is FREE and launches Thursday, September 20 at 11:00 am CST! Be sure and register for the live event. If you can’t attend in person, register anyway and I’ll send you the recorded link for you to watch and learn at your convenience.

NOTE: There will be a limited time offer presented during the session so if you can’t watch LIVE, then catch the replay ASAP before it goes away!

Feel free to SHARE this post with anyone interested. This is the first of 8 planned writing/publishing Coaching Sessions, and I have something extra special planned as a limited time offer to those who register for Tuesday’s event!



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