NEW BOOK RELEASES–Cat Life: The History, Culture & Love of the Cat

NEW BOOK RELEASES–Cat Life: The History, Culture & Love of the Cat

I’m delighted to announce the release of my latest pet care book, CAT LIFE: The History, Culture & Love of the Cat. This is the first time I’ve published with full-color interior photographs. I wanted this cat gift book to be beautiful, as well as provide fun insight into the kitties that share our lives.

The book is divided into four parts that explore the evolution and history of cats; the feline influence on our culture from paintings and media to literature and more; basic anatomy and cat care concerns; and finally, a gallery of breeds to celebrate the many gorgeous pedigreed cats.

I hope the book will help you appreciate the old and young cats you have, or even help you choose a new furry wonder to adopt. Here’s a sample of the pages, along with a song from our STRAYS show that fit the topic. *s*

Where to Find Cat Life Book

Because there are so many pictures in the book, CAT LIFE could not be digitized into all Ebook formats. The book releases December 1st in paperback, hardcover, and December 8 (TODAY!) in Kindle (Print Replica) versions. I’d encourage you to order EARLY if you want the book in time for Christmas. *s* Here are direct links:

Barnes & Noble (Paperback)

Amazon (Paperback)

Barnes & Noble (Hardcover)

Amazon (Hardcover)

Amazon (Kindle)

Book Signing Events!

I will be signing and selling a limited number of copies of the new book (and others) at the following event in December. Author friends Dusty Rainbolt (Finding Your Lost Cat and others), and Lois Richardson (Forbidden Room Mysteries for young readers), will join me. Please stop by to say hello!

Panera Bread, December 21, from 9-11:00 (Sherman)

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  1. CAT LIFE and DOG LIFE are wonderful books with beautiful pictures, and information upon information. They’re the perfect books, to give as a gift to a friend or yourself.

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