What to Do When Dogs Act Scared of Loud Noises?

Are your dogs scared of loud noises? Last night, we had a major thunderstorm here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. We live in “tornado alley” so the spring brings lots of wind, hail, rain, and weather craziness. Luckily, Bravo-Dawg doesn’t blink when it comes to loud noises, but may dogs (and some cats!) suffer from noise phobia.

Whether your scared dog shivers and moans, hides under the bed, or barks back at the noise, it’s important to understand why he’s scared. I’ve written about fear of fireworks and thunder several times in the past. Here’s a link for a blog post with more tips for pets scared of noises. 

Some dogs hate hates, maybe because they’re scared of them? Find out why dogs hate hates in this post.

I’m also updating my YouTube channel with Ask Amy advice (please SUBSCRIBE to the channel to get notes about new videos!). Here’s one that applies to dogs and scary noises. I hope it helps, and that you’ll share the video and advice with anyone that needs the help.

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I love hearing from you, so please share comments and questions. Do you have an ASK AMY question you’d like answered? Do you have a new kitten and need answers? 

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