Dogs, Cats & Critters, Oh My! September Day Box Set On Sale for only $1.99!

My September Day Box Set includes the first three books in my September & Shadow thriller series. The stories feature an animal behaviorist, her PTSD service dog, and animal-centric plots (dogs, cats, and critters). For a limited time, I’ve reduced … Continue reading

Halloween Pets Safety: Protect Pets from Halloween Goblins

The nights leading up to Halloween—and October 31st itself—bring visitations from a wide assortment of ghosts, goblins, and gremlins. Halloween at its best is a night of mystery, fun, and thrills for human children and many adults. It’s important to … Continue reading

Halloween Pet Costumes: How to Dress Dogs in Costumes

Do you enjoy dressing up the house—and yourself—for the holidays? If you want to include Halloween pet costumes, start now to get them used to the notion. Dogs and cats aren’t always fans of wearing Halloween costumes, but with these … Continue reading