Pet Smell? 7 Pet Smell & Stain Removers for Pet Potty Accidents

Anyone who lives with pets benefits from an effective pet smell eliminator. Be careful your pet accident cleaner doesn’t cause more problems. A pet smelly carpet could draw the culprit back to the scene of the accident. Recently a friend … Continue reading


Pets shed winter coats in the spring. Shadow-Pup leaves mini-drifts of fuzz I sweep up daily, and Karma-Kat’s URK-factor (hairballs) has increased. Yuck! The fur flies about the same time as allergy season begins. If you suffer from allergic reactions … Continue reading

How to Find Lost Pets

It’s National Lost Dog Awareness Day. With our new puppy Shadow appearing recently, I wanted to remind folks on tips to find lost pets. Now, chances are he didn’t get lost on his own, but for many adult dogs and … Continue reading

Please Fence Me In: Creating Good Neighbors & Keeping Dogs Safe

Do you have a dog fence? When Magical-Dawg was alive, he’d take off after “critters” every so often, racing around the 13-acre spread (or beyond). We eventually trained him to stay with us, even when off-leash. It would have devastated … Continue reading