Vacations & Choosing Pet Sitters

I’m traveling this week to the Cat Writers’ Association and BlogPaws conference, and would love to travel with pets along the way. Many attendees will bring their cats and dogs on this working vacation, but those who leave pets at … Continue reading

Holiday Pet Visits

Are pet holiday visits in your travel plans? Family gatherings are a big part of the holidays, and pets double the fun—and the stress. Cats hate strange environments, so a pet sitter is the best choice for kitty. But dogs … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Free Book & What About Pet Vacations?

Cats and dogs deal with our absences in different ways. Of course they’re very different creatures with different languages, and want different things out of life. In fact, I wrote a book about this–and ComPETability has just gone FREE for … Continue reading

Furry Friday: Labor Day Travel & Pets

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG . . . What about car travel? My first dog threw fits, cried, and even got sick on the drive home from the breeder. And that experience probably colored his entire future expectation of car rides. … Continue reading