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Amy Shojai Featured in Wall Street Journal! Listen to AUTHORS ON THE AIR Tonight!

Amy Shojai Featured in Wall Street Journal! Listen to AUTHORS ON THE AIR Tonight!


Kelly’s dog Kermit is reading SHOW AND TELL (and stole the pillow). After all, a dog’s gotta be comfy while reading, right?

Tonight at 9 pm (Eastern Time) I’ll be the kick-off guest for March’s WOMEN WRITERS’ MONTH at the awesome AUTHORS ON THE AIR program. I get to chat with Pam Stack along with guest host Rebecca Warner about SHOW AND TELL…and other writerly endeavors and books.

EDITED: It was a GREAT show, what fun! You can listen to the recording, too.

CLICK HERE to listen 




Mike displays his paw-tographed poster.

There’s DOT with the paperback copy of SHOW AND TELL, and the “bonus” poster behind her. She’s in the paw-tographed poster, too, because Dot is one of the characters in the book. Her person, Kristi, entered and won one of the NAME THAT DOG spots.

Incidentally, there are still posters left. If you’ve read the book and reviewed it, send me the link and your snail mail address, and I’ll send one to you, along with the “bonus” chapter (in Shadow’s viewpoint).

Mike also got in on the act, and sent a picture of his paw-tographed poster, too. He lives with both cats and a dog, so probably didn’t want to play favorites. *s*

No way we can leave CATS out of the conversation. I happen to know that Pam, (the host of AUTHORS ON THE AIR) has some kitties of her own, so there’s likely to be some feline fun discussed, too. In fact…

My cat fiction expertise has now been FEATURED IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL! Woot! This was a front-page story, no less, in a discussion of the pros and cons of having CAT characters in mysteries talk to the humans. Hey, my thrillers include cats and dogs, and Shadow (the service dog) has his own chapters, but none of my critters “talk” …other than with tail wags and ear twitches, of course. But that’s my preference as an animal behavior person. I have not problem with others imbuing their fictional felines with the ability to communicate. Don’t we all imagine what Kitty thinks and says, anyway?

The feature also included some information about several of my Cat Writers’ Association colleagues and the organization. Yes, there is a professional writer organization dedicated to a focus on the feline. You can read the WSJ article here.

My Karma-Kat and Seren-Kitty have been campaigning for cats to have their own viewpoint chapters in a novel, too, so…what do you think? After all, I’m an equal opportunity pet person and wouldn’t want to hiss off the cats. (And yes, book #5 HIT AND RUN does have kitty viewpoint chapters, woo-woo!).


Cats read by SITTING on top of books and absorbing the story through their (ahem) nether regions. Karma demonstrates the technique.

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