San Diego Cat Show Fun!

Last weekend I spent in San Diego at the “Food & Water Bowl XXII” Cat Show, where the most glorious pedigree cats attend . . . and also bunches of adoptable lovely “mutt” cats, cute kittens, and gorgeous cat jewelry … Continue reading

San Diego Cat Show Fun!

SAN DIEGO–FOOD & WATER BOWL XXII CAT SHOW JOIN ME January 25-26 at the Del Mar Fair Grounds in San Diego. That’s THIS WEEKEND! I’ll be signing books with the amazing ARDEN MOORE and her Pet Safety Cat Zeki the … Continue reading

#HillsPet Disaster Relief Network Saves Lives

Are you prepared for natural disasters? What about your pets? Living in Tornado Alley here in North Texas, it’s not unusual to suffer property damage from winds, floods, hail and twisters. Wildfires cause just as much pain and suffering, whether … Continue reading

Dog Tail Injury? When Wags Hurt & Dealing with Tail Wag Trauma

We love it when our happy dogs wag-wag-wag with joy, but too much wagging can result in dog tail injury. Tail talk expresses emotion and communicates so much, but what do you do when wags hurt? Labradors are notorious for … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: First Aid for Pets & Writers

I’d planned to blog about my friend Arden Moore’s visit to Dallas on this week’s Feline Friday blog because she’s presenting a pet tech first aid on Jan. 25 and a behavior seminar on Jan. 26  in Dallas. And the … Continue reading