10 People Foods for Cats

I’ve written about safe people food for dogs, but it’s also important to address the cats’ needs, too. We want to spoil our cats, but don’t want to cause harm. At our house, if Bravo-Dawg gets something yummy from the … Continue reading

Fat Cat? Fight Kitty Obesity with 8 Ways to Slim A Cat

Is your cat fluffy or a fat cat? Kitty obesity is defined as exceeding ideal body weight by 20 percent, and today about forty percent of cats are considered overweight. Fat cats tend to carry a “pouch” of fat low … Continue reading

#HillsPet Makes Cats Friendlier!

What does cat food and cat treats have to do with making your house cat more friendly? One the most common questions I get as a cat behavior consultant deals with the evolving c’attitude of maturing kitties. Pretty much all … Continue reading

Grain Free Cat Food, Does It Matter? #HillsPet Has Answers!

Have you heard about grain-free cat food? A few years ago, the word “natural” got attached to both people and cat food products, even though there was no legal definition of the term or specific benefit—folks just like the idea … Continue reading