Spay-Neuter Pets & Feline Fix By Five Months

Spay neuter pets? Kittens and puppies and litters, oh my! Yes, it’s that time of year when a feline fix by five months (puppies, too!) will save you and your pets a LOT of headaches. It’s all about spay and neuter, and the benefits gained for everyone.


Animal advocates have been preaching to the choir for years. And while there is no one-size-fits-all situation, it’s clear that the benefits far outweigh the consequences. A new initiative targets cat owners, called FELINE FIX BY FIVE MONTHS, has the endorsement of major cat advocacy and health organizations.

When I first worked as a vet tech *mumble-mumble* years ago, six months of age was the standard “fix pets” date. In the years since, a number of studies have supported performing the spay-neuter on much younger animals. Some shelters recommend and perform sterilization on 8-week-old babies once they reach a certain weight. These surgical techniques are safe, pets recover more quickly, and the benefits of relieving cats and dogs of reproductive angst are immeasurable.

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Marion’s Dream FELINE FIX BY FIVE program suggests simply dropping the 6-month age to 5 months also makes a huge impact for good. Why should you (and your vet practice) embrace this simple solution? Find out the details here.


Yes, dogs are different. Sure, “fixing Fido” before a litter-ary mistake is ideal. There are some canine-specific issues, though, that don’t apply to cats. For one thing, dogs don’t get pregnant as early as kitties can, nor do they go in and out of heat as frequently. I cover some of these issues in the Ask Amy video, below, and you can read more about dog neutering pros and cons here.

If you have a furry baby in your future–c’mon, you KNOW you WANT to adopt!–please prepare yourself for a lifetime of love and fun. One of my care manuals like COMPLETE KITTEN CARE or the puppy book offers all the guidance you need to start off on the right “paw.”


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