Dear Science, We Owe You An Apology. Love, Humanity

My colleague and friend, veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales, sent me this guest post in response to the coronavirus situation. I’ve previously written about pet diseases that can make you sick, but the COVID-19 goes way beyond that. While not exactly … Continue reading

What Is Homeopathy? Can Homeopathic Nosodes Replace Vaccines?

I recently received an email from a dog lover, anxious to protect her dogs from disease using homeopathic nosodes. Her dogs had bad experiences in the past with pharmaceutical vaccinations. With plans for a new puppy or two in the … Continue reading

Pet Poison Alert! 199 Poison Pet Plants & What to Do

Here in Texas, many folks spend this time of year preparing for spring gardens. The past few weeks, we’ve dug out old roses (many infected with rose rosetta disease, arg!), and planted new ones, along with other perennials. My tulips, … Continue reading

6 Easy Fresh Breath Tips & How to Brush Doggy Teeth (Without Getting Bit!)

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. And it’s not too late to get your pets’ pearly whites checked out by your veterinarian. Often the doctor has some great tips for keeping cat teeth clean and dog breath at bay, … Continue reading

Himalayan Wolf Uniquely Adapted to High Altitude Life

In my recent book DOG LIFE, I enjoyed writing about the forebears of our dogs, the wolf. The book includes several sections with information about the wolf through evolution and history. You’ll find three wolf species (Gray Wolf, Red Wolf, … Continue reading