Cute Kitten Pix (and a Dawg)

It’s been kind of a rough week here at Shojai Central, so today I’m treating myself to sharing some cute-icity. 🙂 Let’s continue the cute-icity! Share your cute kitty (or doggy) pictures in the comments. *S* I love hearing from … Continue reading

How To Litter Box Train Your New Kitten

Did you get a new baby cat over the holidays? Con-CATS-ulations! Most kittens come pre-programmed to “do the right thing” in the litter box, but there are some challenges with the little guys. You can avoid some of these issues … Continue reading

Cats & Mirrors

Years ago when I was on tour as the spokesperson for the Purina Cat Chow Way of Life Tour, we’d arrive in town the evening before and visit the shelter to choose a kitty for the next morning’s TV appearance. … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Kittens, Earwax, Pole Dancing & Jar Cat Trauma

Writers are nothing if not prolific–that is, if they’re successful. There are always exceptions, of course, such as the author who writes ONE block buster and remains famous forever-and-ever-amen (can you say, Gone With The Wind?). In most cases, though, … Continue reading