How Cats Read: Why Do Cats Sit On Books?

Why do cats sit on books? Do your cats know how to read? Well of COURSE they do. I suspect our felines subscribe to the Kitty Manual on Rooling Humanz or wouldn’t have such a uniform method of intervention. I … Continue reading

Feline Friday: How Cats Show Love

There’s no doubt we love our pets — but do our cats love us back? The answer is yes. But cats and kittens show affections in ways that aren’t always what humans expect. In fact, a pet’s Valentine wishes might … Continue reading

Furry Friday: Say WHAT? Silent Communication R Us

This past week has been a strain–on my emotions and my communications. I’ve over-used and abused my voice, and the strain showed up last Thursday and 7 days later has only slightly recovered. About the same time our landline telephone … Continue reading

Furry Friday: Channeling Your Inner Fur-Kid

Pet writers also write to make a difference, and sometimes manage to save┬álives. After reading several cat-egories to judge a recent CWA contest of outstanding work, this hits home with me in a big way. Cat Writers Association members as … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Translating Animal-Speak, There’s An Ap for That

About a week ago the Woof Wednesday featured a bunch of information about translating dogma and what all the woofs, wags and growls mean. Imagine my embarrassment to discover we don’t need any of that anymore. Want to understand donkey-talk? … Continue reading