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First Cat Cafe Opens in Dallas

First Cat Cafe Opens in Dallas


For their launch weekend August 8, guests will have the opportunity to meet a special guest of honor, internet “celebricat” Sauerkraut Kitty. Image courtesy of Tamar Arslanian

What the heck is a Cat Cafe and why does Dallas, Texas need one? Do they serve cream and mice to cats, or what? Find out this Saturday, August 8 in Dallas–with specialty coffee drinks and treats in addition to some adoptable kitties.

What Is A Cat Cafe?

Cat Cafes have been around for decades, and are very popular in Japan, in part to deal with cat lovers who don’t have enough space to live with their own feline. But in the past year or so, the cat café concept has become a popular idea in the US, too, and offers a legal “kitty fix” to those unable to share their life with a cat purr-haps due to rental policies or allergy concerns. In the best situations, cafe cats offer a way for cat-seeking adopters to get a more up close and personal test of potential kitty candidates behavior, and c’attitude.

Cat Connection Has You Kitty-Covered!

The Cat Connection, a Dallas based pet supply store and cat only hotel and spa, located at 14233 Inwood Road in Dallas, will be home to the first Cat Café in Dallas for four weekends starting Saturday August 8th, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The event will feature adoptable cats and kittens compliments of various local rescue groups. Guests will be able to play with cats on a first-come-first-serve basis for up to twenty minutes.

Operation Kindness will provide adoptable cats and kittens for the Grand Opening on August 8th, and be on hand to facilitate adoptions. Operation Kindness is the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, saving more than 75,000 cats and dogs over almost 40 years. The organization cares for approximately 300 cats and dogs on a daily basis, with another 100 in foster homes. This first weekend, you’ll find specialty drinks with a barista on site and snacks all weekend for free.

Texas Cares and other local rescues will be on-site for subsequent weekends. Donations are not required but are appreciated and will support local rescue.

Errin West, co-owner of The Cat Connection says this will be “…a great opportunity for cat lovers in the area to connect with and interact with adoptable animals in a relaxed setting, hopefully increasing adoptions for local rescue groups.” I’ve visited the store, and it is well worth checking out all the PAW-some cat-centric products–having cats on hand puts this event over the top.

Sauerkraut, pictured above, will attend this first event on August 8 only, to offer her paws-up of approval. Sauerkraut is a special needs rescue kitty from Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Rising to internet fame due to her adorable scowl and struggles with Feline Hyperesthesia, Sauerkraut now serves as an ambassador for shelter cats nation-wide.

To ensure both feline and human attendees have an enjoyable time, The Cat Connection asks that no outside animals be brought to the event. Children are allowed under an adult guardian’s supervision. We can access a complete set of guidelines at The Cat Connection’s website.

Have you ever visited a cat cafe? Would you if given the chance?

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