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Shojai’s Cat Facts Wins Muse & Cornell Awards

Shojai’s Cat Facts Wins Muse & Cornell Awards

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This past weekend at the Cat Writers Association Awards Banquet, my book CAT FACTS won two prestigious awards. WOW!

Muse-PinThe CWA Muse Medallion was presented to CAT FACTS for the best health care book of the year.

This was a wonderful honor and surprise for me, especially since my book was nominated alongside two amazing colleagues and their books, and I urge y’all to take a look at Sandy Robbin’s book Buffy the Cat, and also check out Louise Holton’s book Alley Cat Rescues Guide to Managing Community Cats.

The book also won a special award. The Dr. Jim Richards Cornell Feline Health Center  Veterinary Issues Award Winner, Sponsored by Cornell University’s Feline Health Center. It’s presented to the highestquality entry on the topic of technological advances, research, new medical developments, or innovations in feline veterinary medicine. Qualifying entries include single newspaper, magazine, or newsletter articles; columns or series of articles (print or online); blogs, a website, single books, or radio/television broadcasts. The award consists of $500 and a commemorative award.

This Cornell award is named for someone very special to the CWA and to me personally. Dr. Jim Richards was always available to me (and many other writers) whenever we had need of an expert quote or explanation of feline issues. He gave so much of himself, and was one of the inspirations for creating CWA, and Jim even gave the keynote banquet address some years ago at an awards banquet. At the time, he presented what was then called simply the Cornell Feline Health Center Award.

And then, Jim tragically died in a motorcycle accident. We presented him posthumously with the Shojai Mentor Award, because he did mentor so many of us. So this past weekend, to have my book honored with an award presented in his name…well, I’m rarely speechless but this nearly did it. 🙂

I have LOTS more to write about the happenings at the 22nd Annual CWA Conference events…but that will have to come later. With about 30 pounds (no joke!) in swag from CWA, BlogPaws and wonderful vendors, my Magical-Dawg, Seren-Kitty and Karma-Kat are in for a wonderful treat! Stay tuned.

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