Feeding the Muse: Roses, Armadillos & Publishing

How do you feed your muse? I’ve been head-down busy these days playing catch up on all the writer-icity that had been put on a back burner for far too long. My muse is hungry, screaming for attention, like an … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cat Writers Edition

We had a PAW-some time at the Cat Writers Association 20th Anniversary Conference! These are just a few of the pictures I managed to take–more surely to come. Next year join us in Atlanta with our new partner in furry … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Fabulous Flowers, Furry Pet Care & Fantastic Writing Tips

Last week I mentioned the 500 antique roses around our house? It used to be 700+ but the drought, armadillos and grasshopper attrition left a dent. You cannot believe the aroma! With all the recent rain, we’re fighting with the … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: The New Baby & Suck It Up, Sweetheart!

My best advice? Try. Ask. Risk. Surround yourself with those who share–or at least support–your dream. Not yes-bots, but reality-peeps with gentle sage advice willing to give you a butt-kick when needed along with that shoulder to cry on, and … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Severed Heads, Writing Fines & Star Trek Cats

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo links and blogs and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. My little cat Seren(dipity) slipped this picture under my pillow as a heavy handed…I mean, pawed, hint. I’m sure all … Continue reading