Tuesday Tips: Cat Attacks!

For some reason, there are lots of upset kitty questions lately! See that gorgeous white cat? She’s been giving her owner fits. Nope, she’s not chasing dogs, and not even fighting other cats. Her owner Angy writes, “I need some … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day

Today is Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day, promoting shelter pet adoptions. Today I’ve several “treats” to share and hope you’ll spread the furry bounty. Millions of homeless animals end up in shelters every year. Half of the pets that go into shelters die … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Kindle-ization and Romancing NAKED Books

  Those who read this blog know that I’ve been I’ve been updating and “kindle-izing” my backlist books. Authors interested in taking the plunge can learn about my journey in a serious of previous blogs on the subject that include … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Doggy Growls, FB-Fans, Friends and Plug-ins

My Red Room buddy Gina Misiroglu just sent me a note that my latest Paw Nation article has been posted–Arrrrrrrroooooo! She put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways in which she’s bringing traffic to Red … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Disaster Preparation, Egypt and Fire!

Do you have a disaster plan for yourself and your pets? If not, make plans now! You never know when disaster will strike. For instance, I hadn’t a clue that the several “booms” yesterday followed by a power outage was … Continue reading