Tuesday Tips: Ask Amy–My Cat Hates My Boyfriend!

Cats show love in marvelous ways–to their kittens, to each other, and to their chosen people. That glorious picture was shared in my Kitty Publishing Group and just may end up in a future book! If you’ve got great feline … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Ask Amy & BITE THIS! (not…)

Does your puppy drive you NUTS with chewing? What’s your damage list–our house still has puppy teeth marks in furniture and even walls. Folks think I’m joking when I say no book manuscript escapes teeth marks. Have your dog’s gnawing habits … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Copyright, Pictures & Shocking Info

Thanks to my colleagues a the Cat Writers’s Association for sharing information about the Righthaven Victims blog which explains how you can avoid being a victim of frivolous lawsuits. It includes definition of “fair use” so you have some guidance for your future … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Cat Attacks!

For some reason, there are lots of upset kitty questions lately! See that gorgeous white cat? She’s been giving her owner fits. Nope, she’s not chasing dogs, and not even fighting other cats. Her owner Angy writes, “I need some … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day

Today is Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day, promoting shelter pet adoptions. Today I’ve several “treats” to share and hope you’ll spread the furry bounty. Millions of homeless animals end up in shelters every year. Half of the pets that go into shelters die … Continue reading