Writer Beware: Publish America Now America Star Books

I’m likely writing and preaching to the choir here, but when sharks start circling, it bears repeating especially for the folks who may be treated like chum. It’s not fun being targeted by the sharks, and even experienced writers and … Continue reading

Pets Peeves? Join Amy’s Newsletter Tribe!

AMY’S PETS PEEVES NEWSLETTER & A FAVOR… I can’t thank y’all enough for visiting my blog, sharing the content and (I hope) benefiting from some of the info-tainment. You’ll find even more pet-astic information (and free books and discounts!) in … Continue reading

How to Deal With Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement? Sometimes crappiocca happens when you’re writer, and some of the most angst inspiring have to do with copyright infringement. Whether you’re a new blogger, an established writer, or even a well known author, it’s a given that work … Continue reading

SHOW AND TELL: Making A Video Book Trailer

I’ve had a lot of fun cobbling together trailers for my most recent thrillers. And today, I want to share how I put the trailer together, and also added “click-able” links to the video. In other words, pull the curtain … Continue reading

Enter the Cat Writers Contest, Win $11,000 in Awards & More

Sometimes it pays to be catty—I just finished hosting a Google Hangout On The Air (see bottom of post) about the Cat Writers’ Association annual contest. The international Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. (CWA) founded in 1992 is now accepting entries … Continue reading