Woof Wednesday: West Nile & Puppy Parasite Prevention

I live just north of Dallas, Texas where the greatest number of West Nile cases are being reported. It’s scary–people have died. Horses at least have a preventative vaccine to help protect them. But what about dogs and cats?

Apparently while pets CAN contract the disease from mosquitoes and a few have been reported, symptoms typically are mild. But there’s no vaccination for pets, or for people. Some flea medications purport to help prevent or repel mosquitoes but it’s best to prevent buggy bites altogether. Petfinder.com has posted an excellent report on West Nile and pets here.

In fact, our dogs act like magnets for parasites. It’s not just fleas or those creepy-crawly ticks, either. If you have puppies (or kittens) there’s a good chance you’ll need to address roundworms, those spaghetti-like creatures passed in the potty deposite (urk!) because those can be a health risk to kids (double urk!). But the intestinal worms are just the tip of the buggy iceberg. Everything from ringworm (fungus) and mange mites that attack the skin, to protozoan parasites so tiny they’re hard to detect or even heartworms–also transmitted by mosquitoes–can affect dogs. Check out this Pet Peeves radio show with Dr. Wallace Graham for the latest on heartworms. I’ve compiled a roundup of more than a dozen articles covering everything you need to know about these most common puppy parasites here.   

What about your dogs? How do you protect them from buggy hitchhikers? Magical-Dawg gets a monthly preventive called Revolution that helps prevent the lion’s share of these parasites. My cat Seren-dipity came to us with a case of ringworm–minor, thank goodness, and it resolved quickly.

As for West Nile virus, are you protecting your horses? What about your human family members? I’m one of those folks mosquitoes loves–Mom always said I must have “sweet blood.” So I stay inside during prime mosquito feeding at dawn and twilight. How do you “bite back” at the mosquito menace? Please share!

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    • Gag indeed, Carol. My husband gets a bug bite, he slaps it and moves on. I swell. You could play “connect the dots” and have all kinds of weird creatures take form.

    • Great to meet you, too! Love your Avatar. *S*

      ps, You’re a book reviewer–of pet books? Ooooh, I can see a beautiful friendship in our future, LOL! Seriously, let me know if you’d like a review copy of any of my books and I’ll see what I can do.

  1. I have these chickens, see, and they eat most all the bugs in our yard they can find. And our goggies, they have a double coat of long fur. And this ridiculous drought has killed all the other bugs. Outside of that, I should prolly give the goggies a bath this weekend. Yeah.

    Hi Amy!

    • Chickens, good idea! I hear-tell geese and peacocks do a good job, too. I need to set up martin houses and encourage some bats to move in, they both much mosquitoes. Thanks for visiting/commenting!

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