Woof Wednesday: How To Talk To Dogs


Once you understand the language of dogs and what your puppy “says” with his barks, wagging tail talk and other body language, you’ll know how to talk to a dog with effective puppy communication. Remember that your puppy is not a mind reader and what’s “normal” behavior for people may be a totally foreign language and offensive to dogs. Instead, you can use “dog talk” to get your message across. Here’s an article with some detailed “do’s and don’ts” about how to talk to your dog.

Are there certain words, phrases or silent signals (hand gesture commands?) that you’ve taught your dog? Did you teach them, or did the dog simply pick them up? Magic understands “car ride” and “Frisbee” and learned on his own, but I taught him hand signals for sit, down and wait. Here’s the first in what I hope will be a series of Ask Amy videos on how to talk to your dog. What else would you like to see?

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Woof Wednesday: How To Talk To Dogs — 8 Comments

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  2. Interesting material! I recently saw a program on PBS (Dogs Decoded, on Nova) that showed how dogs are hard-wired to understand hand signals. Not even chimpanzees can do it. So, we should work with our dogs natural abilities.

  3. Oh yes out dog knows all the signals. The word out excites him. I’ve taught him hand signals for sit, lay down and circle. The first night after we removed a rug in our living room Alex walked around and around, paused, and walked and paused. He was telling us he needed something soft to lay down on. I love “talking” to our animals. My husband and I call ourselves, Dr. and Mrs. Dolittle.

    • Magic likes the “out” and “outside” word, too. My first dog would spin and circle to say “yes” but Magic just barks.

      Love the way Alex told you about something soft for his bed, LOL!

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