Woof Wednesday: Greenies Smart Treats for Sweet Tweets

Did you miss me, Sweet Tweets? I’m back from a whirlwind overnight trip to Franklin, Tennessee courtesy of the fine folks at Nutro Pet Food , for a GREENIES Feline Influencer Summit. My heavens-to-murgatroid, these pet lovers know how to treat journalists, and while the focus was on the feline–more details on that on the Feline Friday blog–the Magical-Dawg had to comment on some of the goodies I brought back.

In a word….YUM!


Oh, how we LOVE to treat our pets! Filling up the bowl isn’t enough. Pet lovers want that one-on-one experience of interaction, and “gratitude” behavior from the dog. These days cookie-power training is in vogue, too, so tasty rewards work incredibly well.

But we’re “loving” our pets into couch potato pets with so much table muscle they can barely move. Extra calories from hot dog treats may help bomb-proof the dog’s recall, but it can add pounds he won’t need. Obese pets end up predisposed for diabetes, skin problems, arthritis and–wait for it–can live up two two years LESS than lean pets!

The answer, of course, is to TREAT SMART and treat with a purpose. Dang, I wish I’d come up with it! After all, treats are the ideal delivery system for therapeutic options–helping the medicine go down, just like Mary Poppins might sing. I don’t know about you but pilling pets doesn’t do a lot for the “bond” if you need to put King in a head lock, and adding a boatload of cream cheese or peanut butter can be messy and add calories.

GREENIES Smart Treating Program

There are lots of “treats” out there and many are tasty and some actually have healthy benefits besides promoting the pet-owner bond. What treats do you use with your fur-kids? Here’s a confession–I use dry CAT FOOD for treating Magical-Dawg. Of course, I also reduce his regular ration amount to compensate for the higher protein/calories in kitty kibble.

Note: no matter WHAT treat you use, be sure to adjust the regular food to account for the extra and prevent pudgy-icity to overtake the pooch.

Pill Pockets are one answer–my veterinarian gave me some when Magical-Dawg had his abscess and needed antibiotics for a month. I’ve recommended this product for years especially in my aging dog book since older canines may need more meds and also be more angsty about being treated.  This soft tasty “pocket” seals/hides the pill. Kewl beans! Healthy pets may also enjoy them as training treats, if you want to cut them up into teeny pieces.

The original GREENIES were designed for dental care. How many of y’all brush your dog’s teeth? . . . waiting . . . waiting for hands . . . Uh huh, that’s what I figured. Learn how to brush your dog’s teeth here.

Do you offer the dog “dental chews?” Which ones? How effective are they? At the Greenies summit I found out that their dental chews not only are complete and balanced (yep, they could be fed as a regular meal…no, don’t say that aloud too the dog!), they are the only treat to pass stringent VOHC approval (that’s the Veterinary Oral Health Council). There’s also have a relatively new Greenies product that includes ingredients that help arthritic dogs–look for the Joint Care note on the packaging.


The Nutro folks gave me a boatload of samples, but in the past I’ve purchased Greenies dental chews for Magical-Dawg. Honestly–I don’t waste my money on stuff that he won’t eat. Heck, that’s part of the fun of TREATING a pet, to have their enthusiastic response.

When I got home Monday night, Magic not only welcomed me home, he “helped” me unpack. He would have opened the packages himself if I’d let him. Currently they’re out of doggy paw-reach but I suspect he may enlist the help of Seren-Kitty for some cat-burglar second story work to reach them.

So to recap–how do you “treat” your dogs? Anything special for dental care? Do you adjust the regular diet to account for the extra calories? What sorts of treats do your dogs relish? Do tell! And on Friday, stay tuned for more pictures and video of my fun trip.

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Woof Wednesday: Greenies Smart Treats for Sweet Tweets — 11 Comments

    • Hi Diane–woofs to Cosmo! Magic really was a happy puppy when I got home from my trip. I like to think he missed me but…well, there were Greenies in my suitcase, LOL!

  1. The dobe I used to babysit loooooooooooooooved popcorn. Which meant she really loved when I came to watch her, because my friend always got tons of popcorn for me while I was staying at her place. She would only get a piece at a time over the course of my munching, but it sure made her happy (even better if I burnt part of the bag – apparently the burnt ones taste even better)

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  3. We buy Greenie Dental chews. Rose and Kleo adore them. I’ve been buying Zukes Mini-Naturals for training treats. Those go down well too.

    But I have Beagles, the perfect input-output machine of the canine world. I’m serious, my little girls will eat anything they can get their teeth on.

    FYI, we moved. The drive to the new house was 450 kilometers, or about six hours. I’d planned it out well in advance, as to where we’d take poop and pee breaks. Rose and Kleo loved the car ride, and loved getting out to check out all these places they’d never seen before.

    We now live five minutes walk from the bush, and the girls are absolutely in love with all the neat smells. I’ve taken them up the rocks (house is on the Canadian Shield), which they thought was super neat. Going to take them to one of the smaller local lakes, and see if they like water one weekend soon (or should I say water that’s deeper than in their water bowl).

    The cats were less impressed. Several of them spent the first day hiding in a closet. Everyone appears happy now though.


    • Hiya Wayne! Glad the move went well, I wondered why you’d been silent for a while. *s* New smells for the dogs? HEAVEN! especially for Beagles. And yes, Beagles do like their munchies, LOL! It does take the kitties some time to adjust.

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